Durability meets beauty with Rockfon metal ceiling tiles, panels, baffles and more – concealing your plenum aesthetically and improving acoustics to improve functionality. Metal ceiling products are a versatile ceiling material choice, usable both in exterior and interior applications and available in an array of sizes and perforations.

Metal ceiling panels, tiles, baffles and clouds are non-combustible, and also offer Class A Fire performance. Aluminum panels, tiles, planks, baffles and islands feature high recycled content and are 100% locally recyclable at end of life.

Metal ceiling tiles & panels – our products

What are the benefits of our metal ceiling tiles & panels?

  • Improved aesthetics – Our decorative metal tiles and panels will improve the way your space looks with a variety of design options that also support a healthy acoustic environment.
  • Better acoustics – Selecting high-NRC (noise reduction coefficient) tiles, achieved through perforations or with the Rockfon Acoutex™ acoustic backer applied, improves speech intelligibility and overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ) to support human health and well-being.
  • Design flexibility – Metal ceiling panels provide design flexibility. Perforated metal ceiling tiles, decorative metal ceiling panels, and metal-look ceiling tiles are usable with Rockfon Chicago Metallic suspended grid products to create lines and patterns or conceal panel edges for a minimalist, monolithic look. Utilize linear panels and planks, open cell or curved panels, and different sizes, perimeter trims, layers and textures.

Why choose Rockfon?

  • Plentiful design options – Painted, metallic, and wood-look finishes, a variety of edge types, and standard or custom perforation options allow for an array of creative designs. Coil coat, post paint, wet paints, or powder coats provide many color options in additional to anodized, chrome and reflective finishes.
  • Versatile – Rockfon metal tiles and panels work within our Chicago Metallic suspended grid systems anywhere an acoustic suspended ceiling can be used, working in conjunction with mechanical systems and allowing plenum access. When used in exterior designs, metal ceilings can withstand wind loads and meet seismic requirements.
  • Durable – Aluminum and galvanized coatings for steel resist corrosion, making metal ceiling tiles and panels durable material choices. They also support indoor air quality, as they do not provide sustenance for mold and mildew growth.
  • Cleanable – Our products are perfect for areas that require cleaning with chemicals, as this material can withstand chemical exposure. Kitchens, healthcare spaces or anywhere that requires a cleaning regimen are ideal spaces to select metal ceilings.
Supporting the Event Center’s acoustic and design goals, Rockfon® Planar® Macroplus® linear metal ceiling system are acoustically improved with perforations and an Acoutex™ backer. The ceiling’s high acoustic performance provides exceptional sound absorption as demonstrated by its 0.90 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). Visually connecting the Event Center’s comfortable interior with the Museum’s outdoor exhibits and landscape, the ceiling panels feature a Metalwood® Walnut woodgrain finish. Unlike actual lumber, the metal ceiling adds a biophilic note without the maintenance.


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