Hygienic ceiling tiles and systems help reduce the spread of infection and uphold the highest levels of cleanliness

Protective and preventative care.

Building material surfaces, including ceiling tiles, play an important role in controlling the spread of bacteria and infection. To create a safe environment:

  • These materials should not provide nourishment for potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • Their surfaces should be easy to clean and disinfect without affecting their appearance or performance.
  • The ceiling panels also should be durable and demountable to accommodate any necessary maintenance in the plenum.

Our stone wool ceiling products meet all of these criteria. This makes them well suited for hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processing facilities, restaurants and clean rooms.

Enhancing the patient experience

Knowing that different areas in healthcare facilities have different performance needs, we offer three types of Rockfon® Medical™ ceiling panels:

  • For areas with essential hygiene and cleaning requirements, such as corridors, administration, waiting areas and nursing offices, Rockfon® Medical Standard is classified to Bacteriological Class B5 and B10. It has a low particle emission resulting in Clean Room Classification ISO Class 5.
  • As hygiene and disinfection requirements increase – for instance in emergency rooms, delivery rooms, small surgery, radiology, laboratories and patient rooms – use Rockfon® Medical Plus (Bacteriological Class B1) for these applications. It has a low particle emission resulting in Clean Room Classification ISO Class 4.
  • Rockfon® Medical Air (Bacteriological Class B1 and B5) has an airtight backing membrane and sealed edges suitable for high-risk areas, such as operating rooms, recovery rooms and intensive care, where air pressure is controlled to prevent the spread of infections. It has a low particle emission resulting in Clean Room Classification ISO Class 3.

Our hygienic and medical ceiling panels, as with all of our stone wool acoustic ceiling solutions, have earned UL® Environment’s GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. The certification process ensures that a product is suitable for environments such as healthcare facilities, and takes into consideration safety factors that may impact those with vulnerable immune systems, children, and seniors.

Care and cleaning

Minimizing maintenance time and costs, our ceiling products are manufactured for durability. If needed, all of our stone wool products can be vacuum-cleaned with a soft brush attachment.

Where infection control is the priority, our specially treated medical and hygienic ceiling panel surface finishes allow cleaning with water and some diluted disinfectants, such as chlorine, ammonia and quaternary ammonium. In some cases, specially treated surface finishes on stone wool ceiling panels allow for more intensive cleaning, following a defined protocol.

Choosing building materials for a hospital is always a balance between the need for hygiene and cleanability on the one hand, and domesticity and ‘warmth’ on the other hand. For the fixed elements, such as the ceilings, we made a conscious choice to create a simple look with easy-to-clean materials with good hygienic properties.

Laurent Van Damme

LLOX architecten in Belgium

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