A better way to learn starts by looking up.

From acoustics to lighting, Rockfon ceiling tiles, panels and grids transform the learning environment for students and teachers.  

Creating the optimal conditions for learning requires a ceiling designed to address all the unique needs of education spaces. Optimal acoustics, air quality, natural lighting and aesthetics work together to impact how students understand teachers, stay focused and even perform on tests.1 Using stone wool’s natural sound absorption, moisture and mold resistance and reflective properties, Rockfon acoustic stone wool tiles deliver high performing ceilings to help students excel. With stone wool, metal and wood design options that work within our suspension systems, architects and designers have the freedom to create the perfect ceiling solution for both new construction and renovation projects.

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A Lesson in Acoustics  

What if as a student you could hear only 75 percent of the words spoken to you?  What if as a ______ you could ___ only 75 percent of the ____ spoken to you?  

Airplanes flying overhead, students passing through the halls and reverberation combine to form classroom noise. The acoustics inside education spaces have been proven to impact everything, from the ability of students to focus and understand teachers, to motivation, sleep and teacher job satisfaction.23 Designing a space that promotes learning requires optimized acoustics that consider the purpose of the space and sources of noise. Using materials with high Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) ensures sound absorption that reduces noise levels and reverberation time, ultimately improving speech intelligibility and acoustic comfort. Rockfon stone wool and metal ceiling solutions are purpose-built to provide optimal acoustic performance in complex spaces by providing superior sound absorption with NRC ratings up to 0.95.



From Concept to Classroom

Optimal acoustic design can be accomplished with three steps:  

      1. Select a Rockfon suspended ceiling tile to optimize acoustic absorption.

2. Where needed, use wall or plenum barriers to optimize sound insulation.

3. Ensure background sound level is within the desired range.  

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Safety and Sustainability

The right ceiling creates a happy and healthy environment for years to come.

Above all else, learning environments must be safe. Withstanding extreme temperatures of 2150°F (1177°C), stone wool does not easily melt, burn or create significant smoke. Rockfon’s ceiling tiles are best-in-class for fire and smoke safety, ensuring the strictest requirements are met with a maximum Flame Spread Index of 0 and a maximum Smoke Development Index of 5. All our stone wool ceiling panels are UL tested for fire performance.

An Ideal Environment

In schools, moisture poses risks to both the safety and durability of ceilings. If ceiling tiles are affected by humidity, they risk mold growth and sagging tiles. In one Illinois school, mold issues forced it to close for 18 months and spend over $29 million in mold removal.6 Ceiling systems can play an important role in lessening the risk of mold issues.


Stone wool is naturally moisture resistant and lacks the nutritional properties to support harmful microorganisms, like mold and bacteria. Not only does this maintain indoor air quality, which is important when building for vulnerable populations, it reduces maintenance costs. Rockfon’s ceiling tiles won’t need replacing due to mold concerns or sag caused by moisture. Rockfon is committed to creating ceiling solutions that put safety first without sacrificing longevity or maintenance needs. 

Natural Light and Eye-Catching Design

Natural lightcolor and overall appearance play an important role in designing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

A study revealed that design, including color and light, can impact student progress by 25%.4  To create a more conducive learning space, traditional ceilings can be upgraded with white stone wool tiles that have a smooth, modern aesthetic. With contentment and productivity being linked to natural light, a ceiling solution must offer the ideal amount of reflectance.5 Our stone wool ceiling tiles and panels reflect up to 86% of all available light, limiting hot spots and glare. 

Colorful panels, linear and curved shapes and materials that include a smooth or lightly textured finish, and solid or perforated metal can add interest while maintaining performance. Rockfon ceiling products offer the design freedom to create spaces that invite and inspire learners.

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