The longevity clients look for

Architects and designers choose Rockfon ceilings for the inherent durability that stone wool provides. Fortified by properties inherent to stone wool, such as resistance to moisture, mold and fire, Rockfon ceilings are a made-to-last solution designed to last the lifetime of the building.  

 Rockfon is committed to quality and reliability, and our 30-year* warranty provides even more peace of mind. With a wide array of design options, Rockfon stone wool ceilings blend durability with aesthetic appeal, staying as strong as the day they were installed. 

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Delivering durability and performance

Kaiser Permanente’s first medical office building in Berkeley, California, needed ceiling panels that could withstand the rigorous cleaning standards of a healthcare setting. 


Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling panels — which are inherently resistant to fire, water, moisture and humidity — help ensure strong performance throughout the building’s lifetime. MD Architects led project planning and interior design, using Rockfon® Medical™ Plus, Rockfon® Artic® and Rockfon® Alaska® stone wool panels for their modern aesthetic and durability. 

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