Our acoustic ceiling tile sizes are available in standard dimensions of 2x2 and 2x4, up to 2x8 planks for suspended grid systems, as well as in custom measurements

January 1, 1

Make the most of your design creativity with our numerous choices in large format acoustic ceiling tile sizes.

Plank ceiling tiles, panels and systems that incorporate large ceiling tiles and with standard ceiling suspension systems can help you better define areas and functions in a particular space, or create a unique look by spanning planks across entire corridors.

When your project requires non-standard ceiling tile dimensions such as square ceiling tiles or panels, we can provide custom panel sizes and shapes to meet your precise specifications.

Dimensions of ceiling tiles and ceiling tile sizes

Dimensions of ceiling tiles and ceiling tile sizes are an instrumental part of the aesthetics of your project. While many North American ceiling projects are familiar and comfortable using imperial dimensions for ceiling tiles and grids, we do offer products in custom metric measurements.


We wanted a sharp, clean look for the ceiling surface. The hairline shiplap joint detail was important to us, as well as the custom 2-by-5- foot proportion. Smooth finishes and good light reflectance were critical. We use the ceiling finishes as a reflective surface to bounce light around in the meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Nigel Tai, M.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP

Associate, Diamond Schmitt Architects

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