Perforated ceilings

January 1, 1

Our perforated aluminum and steel metal ceiling tiles, panels and systems are presented with a choice of circular or square perforations in varying sizes and spacing.

When designing metal suspended ceilings to enhance aesthetics and acoustics, perforations in the material can play an important role. The holes may be so small and tightly grouped as to become nearly microscopic, or so large and widely distributed to become a distinctive visual element.

Available for selected planks, panels, and curved systems, premium patterns expand the perforation dimension and open area, as well as offer rectangular shapes. Working closely with us as your perforated metal ceiling tiles and panels manufacturer, we also can offer custom perforation patterns and sizes.

Adding to the acoustic comfort

Our perforation options are not only used for aesthetic purposes but also can be used to improve the acoustical function of the product. Rockfon provides several perforation options that, when combined with an acoustical backer, can provide up to a 0.90 NRC rating.

In this big open space, the terrazzo flooring was a potential concern for reverberation. By perforating the metal ceiling panels and adding an acoustic backer, we helped improve the sound quality.

Jackie Drake, ASID, IIDA

Licensed interior designer, Acousti Engineering Company of Florida

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