Other specialized commercial ceiling applications

Exteriors and environmental applications, commercial kitchens and bathrooms, corridors and hallways, lobbies and atriums often are part of your total project design. Our complete ceiling solutions will meet your needs for these commercial applications.

Exteriors and environmental applications

Ceilings systems for exterior applications need to stand up to the environmental factors while maintaining performance and aesthetics.

Your exterior ceiling applications may be in the form of canopies, exterior soffits, drive-throughs, parking garages, entrance extensions or other exposed overhangs. These types of exterior architectural features require higher corrosion resistance to meet building code requirements.

Chicago Metallic® suspension systems and exterior metal ceiling panels are manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel. These exterior ceiling tiles and panels are installed in the exterior suspension system to form the assemblies, which work together to provide a continuous appearance from exterior to interior.

Aluminum ceiling grid and outdoor ceiling panels are a reliable choice for exterior suspended ceiling applications. These durable assemblies do not deteriorate or deform. Galvanized steel components and metal accessories complete the system and support buildings’ performance, aesthetic and sustainability goals.

Recommended products for exterior applications

The aesthetics of the installation have garnered lots of compliments from colleagues and visitors. They often note how warm the material looks and are impressed that it is actually metal because it does give off the feeling of wood. It is definitely a product that both looks good and works for dampening sounds, such as idling cars, under our entrance canopies.

Susan Holloway, RN, BSN

Director of Construction Management, HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Commercial kitchen ceilings

Reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses and infections is the top health concern for cafeterias, restaurants and other dining areas. 

Washable ceiling tiles for commercial kitchens are an essential element to safe food preparation. Fire-rated and moisture resistant, food-grade ceiling tiles for kitchens also are important performance attributes when considering the best kitchen ceiling design ideas.

Our most popular kitchen ceiling panels are made from stone wool. Stone wool not only resists fire, water and humidity, it also resists potentially harmful microorganisms and mold. Taking cleanliness to the next level in kitchen suspended ceiling tiles, our Rockfon® Hygienic Plus™ withstands rigorous cleaning and prevents MRSA and other bacteria.

Sustainable kitchen design

Along with contributing to healthy commercial kitchen and dining facilities, kitchen ceiling tiles also need to support more comfortable and sustainable kitchen designs. Our stone wool ceiling products offer high sound absorption, high light reflectance, include recycled content and are 100 percent recyclable. They also are GREENGUARD Gold certified by UL® Environment for low-emitting materials, which contributes to improving the indoor environment and air quality. Many of these attributes are recognized by LEED®, WELL® and other green design guidelines.

Recommended products for commercial kitchen applications

Bathrooms, restrooms, toilet rooms and washrooms

Ceilings for bathrooms, like ceilings for commercial kitchens, usually focus on functionality first. Commercial bathroom ceilings’ materials must withstand nearly constant use, rigorous and frequent cleaning and high humidity conditions.

The best ceiling panel for bathroom designs will meet both the demanding performance requirements of these high-traffic spaces and help present a clean, neat appearance. Modern bathrooms serve a diverse group of users. More than offering a basic toilet and sink, today’s commercial bathrooms are more frequently used as a place to literally recharge, taking a moment to catch up on personal messages. Using restroom facilities as an impromptu breakroom brings heightened awareness to the level of privacy available. 

Bathroom ceilings ideas

Ceiling ideas for bathrooms should consider the benefits of sound-absorbing stone wool drop ceiling tiles. Should your ceiling design favor a more creative look, suspended ceilings for bathrooms can help you bring them to life with non-traditional shapes, edge options, contemporary patterns and more.

Bathroom ceiling options may seem limited to bathroom drop ceiling tiles. Yes, a suspended bathroom ceiling typically includes acoustic, bathroom ceiling tiles installed in a ceiling suspension system. 

Recommended products for commercial bathroom applications

Corridors and hallways

Corridors and hall ceiling designs help in directing and connecting people. While primarily serving as interior transitways, they also provide opportunities to promote chance encounters and casual interaction within a larger, integrated space of an office, school, hospital or airport.

Many corridors are long, straight, uninterrupted stretches. Your ceiling design can accentuate this continuity with linear ceiling panels and planks, or a monolithic appearance with drywall. Adding regularly interspersing accents of color or changing the patterns of suspended ceilings also can provide visual feedback to help with wayfinding.

White ceiling tiles or other reflective surfaces also can brighten up hallways by maximizing available light. Our white, acoustic stone wool ceiling panels can reflect more than 80 percent of light - natural or electric - to foster a sense of positivity, activity, and productivity as one moves through the corridors.

An overly energetic corridor also can be distracting to the adjacent rooms. To optimize acoustics in hallways, choose from our breadth of highly sound absorbent ceiling panels, planks, and tiles to reduce the sounds of voices, equipment, and busy footsteps.

Combing both linear aesthetics and acoustic performance, our baffle systems provide an alternative to suspended ceiling grid designs in corridors. Choose from either our stone wool or metal baffle products to improve hallway acoustics in new construction or renovation applications.

Recommended products for corridor and hallway applications

The design renounces the traditional law firm style of closed-off offices, dark hallways, sequestered meeting spaces and repressed light, and creates an open, bright and inspiring environment.

Howard Mudrick

Executive Director, Winstead PC law offices

Lobbies, atriums, foyers and reception areas

Lobbies present the first and last impression most people will see when visiting your building. They can be formal or casual. In many ways, they are the living rooms of our commercial interior spaces.

Capitalizing on this high-profile opportunity, your lobby or mezzanine ceiling design will fit the style and attitude appropriate to the overall building. Multi-story, open atriums with natural light, views, and vegetation are the current trend. Our bright, white ceiling systems provide high light reflection and diffusion to leverage these welcoming lobbies.

Many commercial buildings’ reception areas are finished with beautiful stone and glass. These hard surfaces can cause echoes, making it difficult to hear announcements or conversations. Choosing our sound-absorbing stone wool suspended ceilings, acoustic wall island panel systems, and specialty metal ceiling tiles with acoustic enhancements will add to lobby visitors’ comfort. In the rare case of emergency, hearing critical announcements also supports safety, as does the fire-resistant nature of our stone wool materials.

Elevating your lobby ceiling design ideas to greater heights, we also can help you create standard and custom acoustic ceiling clouds, unique islands and distinctive grid patterns.

Recommended products for lobby, atrium and mezzanine applications

The open space that awaits guests when they first walk into the building and look slightly left is meant to induce the ‘wow’ factor. Creating a space of unique grandeur was a key element… They chose a Rockfon metal ceiling system to maximize the height of the lobby space, follow the curve of the roofline and complement the overall, modern look of the building.

Jackie Drake, ASID, IIDA

Interior Designer, Acousti
The tenant wanted to do the ceiling, too. It was very dated looking, flat, lay-in tiles across the whole space. But they didn’t think there was enough in their budget. Thanks to Rockfon, we were able to replace everything they wanted – exam rooms, showroom, hallways, waiting room, labs, three offices and the reception area. It made it look much more modern.

Rick Gordon

Project Manager, Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, Inc.



Meeting the challenges of the modern office.

Office ceiling tiles and systems contribute to good acoustics, sustainable designs and attractive interiors that help employees be effective and efficient.



Building now, for the future

School ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling grid are the key components of a complete ceiling system that can help you create healthy, safe, beautiful and sustainable designs for universities, colleges, schools and other educational facilities.



Ceiling solutions for a safer way to heal

Healthcare ceiling tiles support cost-effective strategies to improve comfort and safety, while helping maintain caregiver and employee accuracy and productivity in hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities, wellness centers and other healthcare spaces.



Ceiling solutions for a better shopping experience

Store ceiling designs assist in communicating the retail stores’ brand, as well as influencing the shoppers’ experience and buying behavior.



Recreation, entertainment and hospitality ceiling design ideas

Leisure facilities are often high traffic spaces with many people coming through in a day. It places a high demand on acoustics, fire safety, durability and design aesthetic.



Ceiling solutions for production and industrial settings

Industrial ceiling tiles, such as those used in production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers, are expected to meet a variety of requirements specific to each industry.



Ceiling solutions for a better way to travel

Airport ceilings, railway station ceilings and other transportation hub ceilings can be decorative, functional and sustainable, which contributes to a better travel experience.

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