Ceiling grids from Rockfon Chicago Metallic® combine trusted performance, easy installation, multiple grid options & seismic capabilities. For any space that requires plenum access, acoustic absorption, and health and safety benefits, choose a ceiling tile grid that supports Rockfon stone wool tiles and panels, and specialty metal ceiling solutions.

What problem do our products solve? 

Building owners need a trusted, reliable and easy-to-use ceiling grid system with simple plenum access to support their acoustical suspended ceilings, in interior and exterior environments. Meeting performance standards & rating systems is a must for designers. Rockfon’s solutions are back up by testing.

How do our products address this problem? 

  • Rockfon’s US-manufactured acoustical ceiling suspension systems are manufactured to work with our stone wool tiles & panels and metal ceiling solutions, offering a complete range of functional, high-aesthetic, safe & sustainable products. With an array of seismic, heavy-duty and fire-rated options, Rockfon Chicago Metallic® ceiling grid products meet requirements in interior & exterior applications.


What are the benefits of our ceiling grids?

  • Durable – Rockfon Chicago Metallic ceiling grid is a trusted grid system that works with our ceiling products as a one-source choice for ceiling systems.
  • Wide variety of designs – Catering to purely an aesthetic perspective, for functionality, or both.
  • Improved safety – Steel, aluminium and stainless steel lightweight ceiling tile grid options withstand high humidity and offer resistance to fire, ensuring a healthy and safe indoor environment.
  • Easy on the eye – Realize your aesthetic goals by selecting a ceiling panel edge type and ceiling grid that gives a concealed look, reveal edge, and more. In addition to ceiling grid, we also offer Chicago Metallic® drywall grid.

Where to buy ceiling tiles

We’re proud of the numerous distributors we partner with. To purchase Rockfon products, visit our Contact Us page and connect with a Sales Representative or distributor near you.

Why choose Rockfon?

  • Your single source ceiling solution – Ceiling grids, stone wool tiles and panels, and specialty metal products all come together under Rockfon. Contact us to find your representative or distributor.
  • Health and well-being – Choose a system that supports Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Ceiling materials with low emission levels, natural resistance to mold and microorganisms, and high acoustic comfort contribute to improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ). The health and well-being benefits of IEQ are recognized by LEED, WELL and other green building standards.
  • Design freedom – Our ceiling grid design goes beyond the ordinary. Explore all of our ceiling grid options that work with stone wool, and metal products. You can create a smooth, monolithic ceiling, or play with shadow, light, depth, panel size and color.
  • Transparency and environment – Product transparency, disclosure and optimization documentation are important for today’s product selection. Rockfon strives to go beyond LEED credits in enabling choices for responsible design and sustainable solutions.


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