Rockfon is a great company, with great benefits and great people, and we make a great product. I love working with people who are passionate about their work – wanting to succeed, wanting the products we make succeed and being competitive so that Rockfon succeeds.

Christine Uhlir

Customer Service Manager
Working at Rockfon has been a great experience. There is a lot to do and many opportunities for individual growth. The management fosters the growth of individuals and provides the tools necessary to succeed. They are open to feedback and willing to make changes to better the company.

Amish Shah

Development Engineer
The people and work present exciting challenges, and the company empower you to be successful. There is a high level of energy and passion for our business shared across all departments.

Dan Aiken

Regional Sales Manager - Northeast

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Rockfon corporate social responsibility begins at the top and involves everyone. Our Rockfon CSR follows the example, encouragement, and expectations of a globally recognized leader.

As part of the ROCKWOOL Group, we aim to be a good neighbor to our local communities, wider society, and the global environment. It is a commitment that began in the 1950s, long before CSR became fashionable. Today, it lies at the heart of our values.

We continuously improve our social performance by setting ambitious targets and integrating social and human rights, and health and safety considerations into our daily business. Most of our products have a positive impact on global challenges like climate change and diminishing reserves of fossil fuels. These positive contributions to the world are important to our employees, management, the Board of Directors and inspire us in our daily work.

We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and report annually on our social performance in our Sustainability Report and as part of our corporate annual report. We invite you to review these and learn more about our CSR.

Rockfon and the ROCKWOOL Group have a great sustainability story and are very charitable. The company’s values are very clear and known to all employees. We are always encouraged to follow these values throughout our careers within an organization that offers many opportunities for advancement.

Christine Uhlir

Customer Service Manager