Office ceiling tiles and systems create a positive, productive working environment

This is essential when we spend nearly 90 percent of our time indoors.

Office ceiling tiles, acoustic panels, grid and suspended ceiling systems come together to provide a complete solution for modern workplaces that both inspire and perform. With more than 90 percent of an organization's operating costs linked to employee efficiency, office ceiling systems can have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Effective ceiling designs for offices include optimizing their acoustics, enhancing their interior design and appearance, supporting their sustainability and wellness, and contributing to their employees’ accuracy, wellness and job satisfaction.

Selecting ceiling materials for an office matter for every person on every floor and in every room – from an open office floor plan to enclosed private offices, from the front lobby to the back hallways and corridors, from the kitchen to the restrooms, from the conference rooms to the executive suites.

Sustainable office design and worker wellbeing
Sustainable office design is a balanced, holistic approach to creating spaces that are healthy, safe and resilient not only for those working inside them but also for the surrounding community, the planet and the generations to come. Seeking to attain the benefits of environmental and economic sustainability, many office buildings are pursuing such market-driven guidelines as the LEED® Green Rating System and The WELL™ Building Standard.

These sustainable guidelines and standards include criteria addressing numerous aspects and attributes. As examples: materials are reviewed for their ingredients, recycled content and sourcing to their longevity and safe disposal/re-use. Energy-efficient building performance is evaluated with consideration of such factors as a ceiling system’s light reflectance to maximize natural daylight and to reduce the use of electric lighting and associated costs and emissions.

Beyond office ceiling materials’ contribution to the built environment, these products also can have a positive impact on employees’ wellness.

50% of employees said noise keeps them from being as productive as they could be in an open-plan office.

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Acoustic ceiling panels support employees’ collaboration, concentration and comfort

Employees need workspaces that encourage both team cooperation and individual efficiency. Office workers spend 62 percent of their time doing quiet work. Their concentration and comfort are affected directly by the noise within their surrounding environments. This, in turn, influences their accuracy, efficiency, productivity and long-term wellbeing. Even small changes in their acoustic experience may have a significant impact on their employers’ bottom lines2.

In rooms or areas where groups of people gather to hear a presentation or video conference with colleagues, having both sides of the conversation understand each other is important. Efficient communication can only be accomplished with low reverberance, lack of echoes and high speech intelligibility. In other words, sound control with high-performing, sound-absorbing ceilings.

Sound-absorbing, acoustic ceiling panels also help to reduce unwanted noise and its negative impact on occupants in large, open office and co-working spaces. In addition to helping provide a good acoustic experience, office ceiling tiles that absorb sound at high-performance levels also meet today's stricter acoustics standards.3

For increased privacy, acoustic standards and guidelines also require or advise enclosing rooms with the appropriate wall constructions and doors to achieve room-to-room confidentiality. Unfortunately, trends in office building design feature more workers occupying increasingly less office space with no sound barriers between them. More than half of office workers reported that they are dissatisfied with their level of “speech privacy,” making it the leading complaint in offices everywhere.

Optimizing acoustics in offices provides a key advantage for not only supporting healthier more productive employees but also for retaining them with higher job satisfaction.

Office ceiling designs communicate corporate culture and attitude

Design can influence the way people perform and feel in their workplace. The color, surfaces, sizes, and profiles of ceilings in office environments can have a profound impact on the employees’ workdays and the corporate culture.

While bright white ceiling panels are the most requested color, a wide spectrum of colors is available to expand interior design palettes and boost workers’ attitudes. Colorful office ceiling ideas influence the mood of a space – fostering harmony, infusing energy, adding a touch of elegance or reinforcing a corporate brand identity. A choice of microtextured or smooth matte surfaces adds the right touch of character through visual weight, depth, and light.

Mixing ceiling tile sizes or staggering the grid layout allows for innovative and dramatic patterns that enhance the appearance of an office ceiling design. Intentional ceiling patterns also can be used to promote a clear sense of direction and movement to guide people through an office space or to define and separate distinctive workplace departments and functions.

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Rockfon® stone wool ceiling solutions for office

By releasing the power of stone and its unique strengths, we make ceiling products that help create healthier indoor environments, like office spaces where workers can work more comfortably and productively.


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