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The inherently powerful performance of stone, inspired by nature

Why are Rockfon stone wool ceilings so exciting to people who know? Manufactured with primarily basalt rock, stone wool ceilings feature superior sound absorption, fire resistance and durability with a low environmental impact. Diverse design options allow architects and designers to embrace their creativity while prioritizing occupant health. That’s the Rockfon secret. 

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Discover More Benefits of Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles

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Ceiling Tiles & Panels

Rockfon stone wool ceiling tiles and panels are known for their elegance and performance characteristics - acoustic control, fire protection, humidity resistance, durability and light reflection.


Islands & Baffles

Rockfon stone wool ceiling baffles & clouds baffles feature excellent sound absorption and offer an aesthetically-pleasing option for open plenum ceiling designs.


Monolithic Acoustical Ceilings

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic delivers an innovative monolithic ceiling solution with continual, smooth surfaces that turn your design aspirations into reality.


Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grids from Rockfon Chicago Metallic® combine trusted performance, easy installation, multiple options & seismic capabilities.

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