Acoustic ceilings for data centers of the future 

Rockfon’s ceiling solutions are a durable and high-performance material choice. Low-emitting stone wool ceiling solutions are fire-resilient and resistant to mold, bacteria and humidity to support a healthy, safe and efficient data center environment. 


Data centers are integral to modern life, and stone wool enriches modern living through its inherent performance properties. Safety concerns like high temperatures, noise, fire hazards and humidity all present risks to data centers. Stone wool ceiling solutions like Rockfon Sonar® - DC brings the power of stone to these important facilities, supporting healthy acoustics, fire safety and more.  

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Future - ready facilities

Data centers need to be adaptable and future-ready as tech business needs grow and change rapidly. A durable high-performance stone wool ceiling that can meet these demands is a simple way to keep data centers adaptable and ready for anything  

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Plug and play solutions

Data centers need to be built in a prototypical, modular fashion that enables them to efficiently expand and shift. Rockfon’s range of stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles are modular, customizable, demountable and available in multiple sizes and colors. This allows them to be installed, sized or resized with ease. Rockfon offers full creative freedom and flexibility to future-proof your data center.  

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Safety at the center

Data centers are the central nervous system of the economy, and the facilities must be prepared for risks. These risks can include cyber incidents, hardware degradation due to acoustic vibration, heat threat, high humidity levels, static electricity and risk of fire.  

Rockfon designs and manufactures its products with safety in mind. Made from stone wool, Rockfon products are naturally durable, humidity- and fire-resistant and withstand various methods of cleaning and disinfection. Stone wool ceilings mean safety is built-in.  

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Sustainability with stone wool

Business recognize that greener practices are becoming standard practice. Property developers are demanding more efficient and environmentally considerate data centers. As a result, this shines a brighter spotlight on product materials, transparency and durability. Rockfon’s portfolio of stone wool ceilings for data centers are supported by a suite of HPDs, EPDs and Declare labels to help designers and specifiers make informed materials choices that support human health and wellbeing, and building certification schemes like the WELL Building Standard.

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The power of stone

Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling products are made from naturally sourced stone wool that is guaranteed to last at least 30 years. By using Rockfon products, you can leave a positive impact on people’s wellbeing and the planet. 

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Modern, efficient server rooms

Installing the proper ceiling solution is critical to maximizing a data center’s efficiency, ensuring minimal downtime. Stone wool’s inherent performance properties deliver key benefits for a safe, durable data center. Server rooms are enclosed areas that store servers for the entire data center. Network connectivity and power, room temperature control and ventilation, room and rack security, and fire and seismic protection are important design considerations.  


The components of a server room must be safeguarded from the detrimental effects of extreme temperatures, fire, humidity and more for the space to function properly. 

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