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Meeting the challenges of the modern office.

Office ceiling tiles and systems contribute to good acoustics, sustainable designs and attractive interiors that help employees be effective and efficient.



Building now, for the future

School ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling grid are the key components of a complete ceiling system that can help you create healthy, safe, beautiful and sustainable designs for universities, colleges, schools and other educational facilities.



Ceiling solutions for a safer way to heal

Healthcare ceiling tiles support cost-effective strategies to improve comfort and safety, while helping maintain caregiver and employee accuracy and productivity in hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities, wellness centers and other healthcare spaces.



Ceiling solutions for a better shopping experience

Store ceiling designs assist in communicating the retail stores’ brand, as well as influencing the shoppers’ experience and buying behavior.



Recreation, entertainment and hospitality ceiling design ideas

Leisure facilities are often high traffic spaces with many people coming through in a day. It places a high demand on acoustics, fire safety, durability and design aesthetic.



Ceiling solutions for production and industrial settings

Industrial ceiling tiles, such as those used in production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers, are expected to meet a variety of requirements specific to each industry.



Ceiling solutions for a better way to travel

Airport ceilings, railway station ceilings and other transportation hub ceilings can be decorative, functional and sustainable, which contributes to a better travel experience.

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