Achieve your acoustic ceiling ideas for drop ceilings with our decorative ceiling solutions including choices of colors and finishes, textures and perforations, edge types, material options, sizes and patterns

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Beyond the modern monolithic look of smooth, white, 2x2 panel-and-grid drop ceiling system solutions, today’s interior ceiling design ideas explore many different styles from a bold accent to a subtle shadow to a signature, custom creation.

Providing design flexibility and inspiration, our breadth of acoustic ceiling systems meet almost any décor and aesthetic you can imagine with:

O’Hare’s original design palette is black and white, and grays of all different shades. On the interior, we wanted to warm it up a bit and give it a hospitality feel, especially in the concession area.

John Kolb

Epstein’s associate vice president, IIDA, LEED® AP

From standard to fully customized ceiling design ideas and options

We recognize that day-to-day, your most popular request will likely be for our acoustic stone wool ceiling tiles in a square size with a bright white, smooth texture paired with a suspended ceiling grid in a matching white finish. For others, our metal panels and planks, most likely in a satin silver color finish, are your go-to products.

But when the opportunity calls for one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect the occupants’ brand and personal tastes, we invite you to explore the variety available, and blending multiple systems, materials, finishes, sizes, and shapes to arrive at a truly unique, innovative ceiling design.

When you’re the owner and building new, you have the opportunity to design a space that best represents your product and company without the constraints of an existing structure. We had a blank canvas, which allowed us to get creative. We used a full range of products, sizes, colors and materials, ceiling systems for open and closed plenum, and feature a breadth of aesthetic options. We want to use this as a living, working showroom.

John Medio

President - Americas, Rockfon

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