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Rockfon® Spanair® Torsion Spring Concealed Metal Panel

These aluminum ceiling panels conceal the suspension grid while providing easy access to the plenum.


Rockfon® Spanair® Torsion Spring Concealed Metal Panels install easily, using a grid-based suspension system, in an interior, exterior and seismic D, E, F application areas. Our Torsion Spring Plus panels are available in widths up to 4’ and lengths up to 10’. These aluminum panels feature edge springs which allow the panels to nest in place and easily demount for simplified job site installation and routine maintenance accessibility.

Performance Properties:

  • Class A Fire Rating (Non-combustible material)
  • Seismic and Structural Valid Code Compliance Research Report: CCRR-0260
  • Torsion Spring Panels easily install in T-bar grid slotted to accept springs
  • Acoustics can be adjusted through perforations and Acoutex™ or glass fiber backing to suit design needs, up to 0.90 NRC
  • Metal ceiling acoustic panels contain no organic materials that support bacterial growth
  • Sustainable: 75%-100% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable

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