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Rockfon® Planostile™ Snap-in Metal Panel Ceiling System

These exterior and interior snap in metal ceiling tiles are easy to install and are approved for seismic D, E, F applications.


Rockfon® Planostile™ Snap-in Metal Panel Ceiling System can be used in both exterior and interior applications and gives designers various size, color and perforation options for creating visual design continuity from inside to outside. These snap-in metal ceiling tiles are an economical option for any space and can be enhanced with acoustical backing options to increase sound performance up to 0.90 NRC.

Performance Properties:

  • Snap-in metal ceiling tiles are designed to withstand positive and negative wind pressure (tested in accordance with UL 580)
  • Aluminum panels contain no organic material to support mold or microbial growth
  • Upgrade acoustical performance with a variety of perforation designs and Acoutex™ backer
  • Sustainable: Aluminum panels are up to100% recycled content. Steel panel is a minimum of 25% recycled content. All Planostile™ are 100% locally recyclable at the end of useful life

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