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Rockfon® CurvGrid™ Two-directional Curved Ceiling System

This curved metal ceiling panel system gives a smooth, continuous look while showcasing the panel’s clean grid lines.


CurvGrid™ Two-directional Curved Ceiling System features our patented primary carrier, which reduces labor-intensive hanger drops by more than 50 percent versus competitive systems. The companion CurvTrim perimeter edge trim uses factory-mitered corners to provide clean, crisp intersections. This aluminum ceiling panel system can be used with or without the flexible infill panels, per your design requirements.

Performance Properties:

  • Tight butt joint splices and miters
  • Greater aesthetic appeal with fewer hanger wires
  • Adjust acoustical performance per need, up to 0.90 NRC
  • Aluminum ceiling contains no organic compounds to support mold and microbial growth
  • Sustainable: 75%-100% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable



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