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Perimeter Trim

Rockfon® Infinity™ Engineered Perimeter Trim

This straight or curved ceiling perimeter trim is engineered to your project specifications and integrates with standard acoustical grid or specialty metal systems.


Rockfon® Infinity™ Engineered Perimeter Trim offers designers infinite possibilities when creating light coves, floating islands or acoustical ceiling accents. Ideal for both straight or curved ceiling edges, this attractive, smooth, rust- and distortion-free extruded perimeter trim integrates with standard suspension systems and other specialty metal ceiling systems.

Performance Properties:

  • Ceiling trim can be straight or curved in the horizontal axis
  • Suspended ceiling perimeter trim comes in six heights, ranging from 2” to 12”, and are stackable
  • Factory finished mitered corners ensure a clean finished edge
  • Extruded aluminum trim is smooth, rust and distortion free
  • Ceiling transition trim does not contribute to the spread or growth of mold or mildew
  • Sustainable: 100% recycled content, 100% locally recyclable



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