Traditions, embossed metal panels, metal cornices,
Planks and panels

Rockfon® Traditions™ Embossed Metal Panels

These embossed metal ceiling tiles and panels can be used either as lay-in tiles in standard 15/16” grid or as nail-up tiles directly on the ceiling.


Rockfon® Traditions™ Embossed Metal Panels are available in multiple patterns and panel designs to allow for considerable design flexibility from antique to contemporary. These ceiling tiles can be used in conjunction with embossed metal ceiling cornices to achieve a singular edge-to-edge look.

Performance Properties:

  • Bare chromium treated steel (suitable for painting), or anodized finishes for superior aesthetics and corrosion resistance
  • Lay-in panels designed for use with standard 15/16” T-bar grid to allow for full plenum accessibility
  • Perimeter angles, cornices, and accessories are available for a complete, authentic installation
  • Ideal for applications such as restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, lobby areas, and retail stores




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