A symbol of downtown Edmonton’s renaissance, Enbridge Centre’s Class AA 575,500-square-foot office building earned LEED® Gold certification for Commercial Interiors through the Canada Green Building Council and LEED Platinum certification for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance.

As the first new tower to be built in Edmonton’s Financial District in more than two decades, DIALOG used a thoughtful approach to blend the new 25-story high-rise within its historic setting. Respectful of Edmonton’s rich history and exciting future, Enbridge Centre incorporates materials from the original building on the first four stories, while the upper floors atop the podium structure showcase modern, high-performance products.

Meeting the project’s multiple priorities, specifications and aesthetics, more than 400,000 square feet Rockfon’s acoustic stone wool and metal ceiling systems were installed throughout the tower.

Enbridge Centre

Edmonton, Alberta

Our client’s vision was to preserve the heritage façades, while bringing in modern and sustainable elements to the building. Our project team and trades excelled at bringing together these components in a way that really reflects how vibrant Edmonton’s business community has become over the last two decades.

Peter Hrdlitschka

Ledcor Construction Canada’s former president (retired)

DIALOG specified Rockfon® Planostile™ metal ceiling panels in the two-story lobby and in the enclosed pedestrian bridge connecting to the light rail station. Helping dampen the lobby’s unwanted noise and reverberating echoes, Rockfon’s metal ceilings were perforated and paired with an insulating backer. This combination can deliver very high sound absorption with a noise reduction coefficient of 0.90 NRC, helping produce a good acoustic experience in the expansive, open lobby full of hard, reflective materials. After their long lifespan on the building, the metal ceiling panels and suspension systems can be locally recycled.

Rockfon Alaska® acoustic stone wool panels also achieve a 0.90 NRC. DIALOG selected these panels to optimize acoustics and enhance the modern appearance on the tenants’ spaces. Rockfon Alaska’s elegant smooth white surface reflects up to 86% of light for a bright, comfortable interior. They were installed in the offices with 9-foot-tall ceilings and in the amenity areas, such as the second-floor fitness center.

Supporting indoor environmental quality and other LEED attributes, the design team reviewed and selected interior products and materials with low emissions, high performance and recycled content. Contributing to indoor air quality through low emissions, all of Rockfon’s stone wool products are UL® GREENGUARD Gold®-certified for office applications. Stone wool and metal also are materials that naturally resist fire, moisture and humidity, and do not support mold or microbial growth.

Enbridge Centre

Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Architect:DIALOG Design; Edmonton, Alberta
Contractor:Ledcor Group of Companies; Edmonton, Alberta
Installer:Baytek Interiors Inc.; Edmonton, Alberta
Photographer:© Tom Arban Photography Inc.
Tiles:Rockfon Alaska®, Rockfon® Planostile™ Lay-in Metal Panel Ceiling System
Grids:Chicago Metallic® 1200 15/16"