Patients, staff and visitors to Kaiser Hollywood Romaine Medical Offices near West Hollywood, California, are greeted with an inviting, healing-focused, wellness-minded space. Designed by Perkins&Will for Kaiser Permanente, the 50,000-square-foot medical office building features Rockfon’s ceiling solutions in the patient rooms, staff offices and waiting areas. Enhancing the facility’s functionality, safety and calming atmosphere, Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling panels offer acoustic performance, infection control, material ingredient transparency and a clean, bright, calming, modern aesthetic. The acoustic experience in medical and health care facilities plays a critical role in creating a less stressful environment for healing and recovery. Good acoustics are essential to ensuring patients needs are understood, medical instructions are clear, information is accurately recorded, and confidential details remain private and in compliance with HIPPA.

Kaiser Hollywood Romaine Medical Offices

Los Angeles, CA

As Kaiser Permanente faces growth and development in the 21st Century, the need to modernize existing infrastructure and expand their existing footprint means venturing into densely populated urban settings. Faced with this challenge, Kaiser Permanente identified a building for lease in a burgeoning 'Old Hollywood' neighborhood that provided opportunities to serve current and potential future members.
The Hollywood Romaine interior tenant improvement reinforces the evolving Kaiser Permanente brand… The result is a re-imagined healing environment infused with art and color that fits appropriately in its community.


Rockfon’s acoustic stone wool panels and suspension systems create visual separation between private and shared spaces, reduce noise to create a restorative atmosphere, and contribute to the clean, modern aesthetic.

Helping maintain healthy interiors, Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling panels naturally prevent the growth of mold and bacteria without using added antimicrobials, support material transparency and have low chemical emissions. Rockfon Medical Standard and Sonar stone wool panels also have earned UL® Environment GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for low chemical emissions. This certification process ensures that a product is suitable for environments, such as offices and health care facilities, and takes into consideration safety factors that may impact those with vulnerable immune systems, children and seniors. Supporting material transparency, health product declarations (HPDs) and UL-verified environmental product declarations (EPDs) are available for Rockfon Sonar and Medical Standard ceiling products.

In the private staff offices, patient rooms and shared waiting rooms, Rockfon Sonar stone wool ceiling panels achieve best-level acoustic performance with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.95 and a bright white surface that reflects up to 86 percent of light, creating a comfortable, healing environment.

In areas where more stringent infection control was needed, Rockfon Medical Standard panels deliver a modern aesthetic, high light reflectance and a high NRC of up to 0.90.

Kaiser Hollywood Romaine Medical Offices

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Architect:Perkins&Will, Los Angeles
Contractor:Layton Construction Company, LLC; Sandy, Utah
Installer:Nevell Group Inc.
Photographer:© Benny Chan, courtesy of Perkins&Will
Tiles:Rockfon Sonar®, Rockfon® Medical™ Standard
Grids:Chicago Metallic® 1200 15/16", Chicago Metallic® 4000 Tempra™ 9/16"