Ceiling tile tools for installation

Suspended ceiling tools, like all tools, are only useful when applied with your skill and knowledge.

Ceiling grid tools

Ceiling grid and tile tools required for installation usually include:

  • A sharp tile-cutting tool or utility knife
  • A laser level or string line to indicate the correct height for installing ceiling components
  • A grid punch to make additional holes for hanger wire in the suspended ceiling main tee and cross tees where needed
  • A saw with a metal-cutting blade to trim suspension grid or metal panels
  • Aviation snips, punches and files to make adjustments to metal ceiling tiles

A metal ceiling removal tool, also can be handy for replacement and renovation drop ceiling projects

The Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) lists 30 acoustical ceiling grid tools in its Ceiling Systems Handbook. Beyond these 30 basic ceiling grid tools, there are very few specialty tools for acoustical ceiling installation that should be necessary.

You provide the ceiling installation tools and skill. We’ll provide a complete offering of ceiling solutions for you to install a suspended ceiling, hang acoustic baffles, mount acoustic clouds and create one-of-a-kind spaces.

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