Optimized Acoustics™

Ceilings are for absorption, walls are for insulation. Are you using both assets to their fullest potential?

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Good acoustics: Is it good enough?

At Rockfon, our guidance to go beyond good acoustics is called Optimized Acoustics™.

Introduction to acoustics

Everywhere you look, new, modern spaces are coming to life and while these open-concept spaces promote communication and collaboration, they also increase one main challenge – noise. Now more than ever going beyond good acoustics is as important as the look, feel and function of a space. And it starts by choosing the right ceiling material to achieve the best level of sound absorption for your space. There’s a lot of noise out there. Take your acoustic design to the optimized level.

What is good acoustic design?

Good acoustics in buildings goes by many names; soundproofing, noise control, noise deadening, sound damping, noise reduction solutions, sound isolation, noise canceling, noise blocking and more. It can be confusing, but it is very important.

The Optimized Acoustics™ approach is simple and it is based on proven acoustical engineering practices.

  1. Select a ceiling system to optimize acoustic absorption.
  2. Where needed, use walls or plenum barriers to effectively optimize sound insulation or blocking between rooms.
  3. Ensure that the background sound level is within the desired range.

This approach results in more than just good acoustics. It provides Optimized Acoustics™ that comply with the standards and achieve the best sound experience at the best price.

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Rockfon® Optimized Acoustics

What makes Rockfon stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles the best acoustic panels for absorbing sound? The key is understanding the true role of your ceilings and your walls. Optimize your acoustic and aesthetic designs with a sound solution for the real world.

Why Optimized Acoustics™ is important in buildings