Better Blocking (STC 45) – Full Height Walls

January 1, 1
A sound blocking level of STC 45 means that a listener in a quiet room would hear raised speech in adjacent rooms, but would not be able to understand the conversation. The transmitted noise would not typically be disruptive. Acoustic standards, guidelines, and building rating systems most frequently require an STC 45 level of blocking between rooms. Examples include patient rooms1, enclosed offices2, and classrooms along corridors3.





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4 The referenced laboratory test(s) are part of an extensive, multi-year, testing program conducted by the National Research Council Canada (NRCC) and published by the Institute for Research in Construction (IRC). For more details, including 1/3 octave band transmission loss data, refer to internal reports IRC-IR-693, October 1995 and IRC-IR-761, March 1998. The research program was partially funded by ROXUL, Inc. ROCKFON and ROXUL are subsidiaries of the ROCKWOOL Group.

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