Rockfon Celebrates 5th Anniversary

October 1, 2018

Rockfon North America: Stronger together, stronger than ever

Rockfon and Chicago Metallic celebrate the fifth anniversary of their partnership in North America

Rockfon® and Chicago Metallic™ celebrate the fifth anniversary of their partnership in North America

Five years ago, the ROCKWOOL Group brought together Rockfon and Chicago Metallic™ in North America.

Drawing from more than 50 years of success in Europe, Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling products were introduced to North American customers during the 2013 Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) annual convention and INTEX EXPO.

The message was clear: “Rockfon + Chicago Metallic™ = Complete ceiling solutions”.

Since introducing our unified Rockfon brand, we have increased awareness, specifications, volume of materials sold, annual revenue and market share. We are a high-energy, high-performance organization.

John Medio

President of Rockfon North America

“We have blended our experience and expertise to be stronger and better, together,” says John Medio, president of Rockfon North America. 

Medio highlights one of Rockfon’s most notable contributions to these achievements was opening its new U.S. manufacturing facility – the first in North America to make stone wool ceiling products. “This localized presence gives us improved efficiency for reduced lead times, while holding to our high-quality standards and environmentally transparent practices.”

In addition to geographic expansion, Rockfon has grown and strengthened customer relationships across North America. It has developed new products, such as Rockfon Chicago Metallic™ Integrity 4200 ceiling system and acoustic stone wool Plenum Barrier Board, plus expanded product offerings and applications like Rockfon Island Wall System.

Rockfon also increased its presence and participation within the industry. “The power of stone is evident in our products and stone wool tiles have been embraced by architects, designers, users and owners all over the continent,” notes Medio. “Two years ago, we introduced our Optimized Acoustics initiative and, now, Rockfon’s knowledge of ceiling systems is sought as thought-leaders of the industry.”

He adds, “We are sharing our expertise with influential decision-makers through articles, presentations and continuing education courses. Cultivating lasting customer connections, we are providing content that inspires, informs and engages them. Most recently, we are reintroducing our new website later this week with intelligent search, responsive design and more intuitive navigation.”

Among all the improvements and enhancement throughout the last five years, Rockfon has maintained a stable continuity of leadership within the company. Medio emphasizes, “Our position of strength and stability is possible because we are a part of the ROCKWOOL Group, and thanks to its strategic focus and significant investment to meet the growing demand for our products in North America.”

He concludes, “We told everyone that Rockfon would be a game-changer for the market, and we proved it to be true. We delivered on that promise. It’s only going to get better.”

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