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May 7, 2018

Rockfon’s new facility exemplifies commitment to sustainability

Solar Spectrum, Office, 1200 Suspension System, Alaska, Island

Quality and performance you can trust

Rockfon ceiling panels provide you with the creative flexibility, peace of mind and long-lasting, quality performance in every project. Our complete ceiling systems contribute to safe, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and beautiful buildings that enrich modern life.

Acoustic control, light reflectance

Rockfon’s sound-absorbing ceiling panels help provide a more comfortable, productive and less-stressful indoor environment for our customer’s latest project. The smooth, white, reflective surface of Rockfon ceiling panels allowed us to cut down on the number of lighting fixtures and the frequency of their use, which saves on energy and lets us be more efficient with our resources.

Eliza Engle

AIA at GBR Architects in Alexandria, Virginia

Humidity resistance

When sourcing materials for our latest project, we had a strong focus on indoor air quality. We needed materials that could withstand high humidity without getting moldy. Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels not only checked the IAQ box, they had the added advantage of being able to install before the building was weathertight without the risk of degraded performance.

Jorge Romero

vice president, Habitec Architecture & Interior Design

Ease of use

As technology and tenant use changes, Rockfon ceiling systems make it easy to remove a small group of panels to update lighting, security cameras or cables in the plenum. … Our increased efficiency in being able to get in and out of their space with minimal disruption allows them to be more productive, too.

Jason Landry

corporate secretary of Landry & Sons Acoustics, Inc.
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