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School Ceiling Tiles Designed for Speech Intelligibility

Ceiling products that help improve acoustical performance in classrooms.

Acoustic Ceiling Solutions for Office, Healthcare, Education

Products that support comfort, productivity, recovery and clearer communication.

Ceiling Products for Healthcare Indoor Air Quality

Ceiling products that help create healthier indoor environments.

Ceiling Solutions for Office Indoor Air Quality

Ceiling products that help create healthier indoor environments.

Better Blocking, More Privacy Sound Clip

Good sound blocking provides greater privacy between rooms and better concentration in each.

Less Noise, Better Concentration Sound Clip

With Optimized Acoustics™, you achieve more sound absorption resulting in lower noise levels.

Rockfon Optimized Acoustics

Create places where people can focus and thrive. Optimized Acoustics, a sound solution for the real world.

Shorter Reverberation, Improved Speech Intelligibility Sound Clip

Increased ceiling sound absorption helps lower reverberation and that means better communication.

Ceiling Tiles and Suspension System Design Ideas

Create inspiring and innovative spaces that showcase the best combinations of art and function.

Fire Performance Test - Stone Wool

Fire test comparison between gypsum, fiberglass and stone wool ceiling tiles.

Stone Wool Ceiling Solutions for Modern Living

Creating ceiling solutions that will enrich modern living for generations to come.

Ceilings for Sustainable and LEED Design

Rockfon stone wool ceilings contribute to sustainable and wellness goals of building projects.

Sustainable Ceilings for Green Building Standards

Stone wool ceiling products meet industry-leading sustainability requirements.

Trusted Quality and Performance

Ceiling panels made to precise, high-quality standards to meet performance-driven specifications.

Made in the USA Acoustic Ceiling Tile Manufacturing

Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling product manufacturing proudly made in the U.S.A.

Stone Wool Acoustical Ceiling Panel Supply

More capacity, more inventory and shorter lead times than ever before.

Cutting ceiling tiles made easy with stone wool

Learn the best way to cut ceiling tiles in this short video demonstration.

Ceiling Panel Manufacturing Plant Under Construction

Construction continues for ceiling company Rockfon's new manufacturing plant in Mississippi

Chicago Metallic Suspended Ceiling Product Production Process

High performance solutions specially designed to resist corrosion, seismic activity and fire.

Opening of Rockfon factory in Marshall County

Celebrating the opening of a new North American Rockfon production facility.

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles and Panels Production Process

Get an inside look at the production of Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling tiles and panels.

Rockfon, we bring purpose to life

Releasing the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

ROCKWOOL Group Corporate Video

Discover the secrets of modern living.

Stone Wool Sustainable Ceilings for Modern Living

Releasing the power of stone to enrich modern living.

How It's Made - ROCKWOOL Stone Wool Insulation

Based on the Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Stone Wool Insulation episode.

Rockfon® Island™ Acoustic Stone Wool Ceiling Panels

Providing a new dimension of aesthetic capabilities and high sound absorption.

Rockfon Sonar® Acoustic Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles that offer high sound absorption and elegant design.