Samsung American HQ connects colleagues and community

February 21, 2018

Rockfon® Planar® metal ceilings cover “sky pocket parks” between office levels

Rockfon Planar linear metal ceiling system installed on the exterior of the Samsung headquarter (HQ) office in San Jose, California.

Rockfon Planar linear metal ceiling installed on exterior of Samsung HQ office in California.

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.’s American Headquarters (Device Solutions) in Silicon Valley welcomes up to 2,000 employees to its uniquely shaped, energy-efficient,10-story tower and also invites the public to enjoy its street-level amenities. Tracking for LEED® Silver certification, this is the largest of Samsung’s California offices at 1.1 million square feet.

Distinctly Human Workplace

Designed by NBBJ of Seattle, the building references the wafer-like composition of a semiconductor with its podium base, topped with three slab-like structures, and with large openings between each. The design firm describes Samsung America Headquarters as “a distinctly human workplace for a new era of tech… More and more, the look, feel and function of a workplace is central to employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction.”

NBBJ worked with Samsung and the City of San Jose to cultivate a vibrant, dynamic, connected workplace. Interspersing office floors and open-air “sky pocket park” garden floors put each employee no more than one floor away from fresh air and outside views. The entire ground floor is open to the public, drawing increased pedestrian traffic to a quickly developing downtown.

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Long, Flowing Lines

Performance Contracting, Inc. installed Rockfon® Planar® linear metal ceiling planks to form the visible, exterior ceilings above the gardens and surrounding the central courtyard. The long, flowing lines created with these ceilings accentuate the stacked, serpentine stretches of glass and metal façade.

On the interior, Rockfon® Chicago Metallic® drywall suspension systems provide a neutral framework to accommodate a range of work styles and needs. Those requiring greater concentration and quiet are located near the outside perimeter, and more collaborative meeting rooms are set closer to the inner courtyard.

Three Guiding Principles

NBBJ explains that the building’s design incorporates an integrated approach to campus planning, architecture, landscaping and interior design focused on three main principles:

  1. Connectivity: 
    Socializing is good for business: An anthropologist found that co-locating colleagues reduced the average time needed to complete projects from 17 to 3 days.*
  2. Well-Being: 
    a) Stress causes 60% of lost workdays, while work is the most frequently cited source of health problems in the U.S.**
    b) Access to nature relieves stress and drives productivity. Research has found that workers with a view performed up to 23% better, while daylight increased satisfaction with one’s environment by 25%.***
  3. Productivity:
    Those in multi-sensory environments recall information more accurately, respond more quickly to stimuli and, according to one study, offer 50% more solutions than those in single-sensory contexts.****


Safety Challenges

Safety is of paramount importance in healthcare facilities. Key concerns include hygiene, indoor air quality, and fire performance. Rockfon Medical range ceiling panels are easy to clean, offer protection from fire and humidity, and resist MRSA. Furthermore, Rockfon products do not use antimicrobial additives.

All Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels are GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions – a critical consideration for the most vulnerable patients who are often most susceptible to pollutants emitted from materials.

Aesthetic Challenges

Healthcare design professionals are moving away from harsh, institutional atmospheres to create more welcoming, more homelike environments. The extensive range of colors, textures, edges and dimensions presented by Rockfon’s complete ceiling portfolio inspires both vibrant and calming healing spaces.

Sustainability Challenges

Whether renovating and expanding to meet growing communities, or constructing new state-of-the-art buildings, healthcare design teams dedicate thoughtful consideration to ensuring environmentally responsible, healthy facilities. The materials within them also reflect careful choices.

The stone wool material that makes Rockfon ceiling products is naturally resilient and essentially inexhaustible. Our products maintain their shape and appearance, and will not sag even in high humidity and constant cleaning. They install quickly, clean easily, provide access to the plenum, and remain durable and versatile for years to come.

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