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April 3, 2018

Improving schools’ indoor air quality with Rockfon ceilings

Children listening to their teacher in a sound absorbing acoustical environment.

Students gather to listen to their teacher during class.

Rockfon ceilings provide a great line of defense in meeting the challenge of indoor health hazards and improving indoor air quality.

Children are often more susceptible to pollutants emitted from materials in school buildings than adults. This is because children breathe in more air and, as a result, are absorbing more chemicals that can be harmful to their growing bodies.

Not only are students at risk; poorly ventilated classrooms, high levels of CO2, pollutants and contaminants can lead to loss of concentration, bad odors, and irritation for adults and children alike, contributing to increased absenteeism.

Better air to breathe

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that up to half of the schools in America have problems linked to poor indoor air quality.* This increases the risk of chronic allergies and asthma among children. Asthma is considered the number-one chronic childhood illness and the leading cause of absenteeism, with almost 14.7 million school days missed each year.**

Made of natural stone wool, all Rockfon ceiling panels are GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This stringent certification process takes into consideration safety factors that may impact people who are more vulnerable, such as children and seniors, and is referenced by the LEED® Building Rating System.

Resistant to mold, bacteria, humidity

Schools are for growing minds, not harboring bacteria. But schools are also more susceptible to mold and bacteria growth, in part, because HVAC units are turned off during the summer months. This dramatically increases the moisture level in the building.

Rockfon ceilings can help you achieve the highest health standards because stone wool has no nutritional value and therefore provides no sustenance to harmful microorganisms, helping create and maintain a hygienic environment.

Moisture often builds up in naturally “wet” rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas, and can be tough on the material in the room. High humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling panels, causing them to lose shape and sag over time. It can also expose people to harmful damp conditions.

Our ceiling panels are dimensionally stable up to 100% relative humidity—eliminating the risk of sagging, warping or breaking, and enabling you to meet the newest educational building codes and regulations.

Learn how Rockfon can help you find the right balance of quality, performance and value to create healthier indoor environments that benefit both students and teachers.


* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools :Actions to Improve Indoor Air Quality,” Publication #402-F-99-0008

** Lott, S., and Vallette, J., “Full Disclosure Required: A Strategy to Prevent Asthma Through Building Product Selection. A Healthy Building Network Report.”

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