Healing from the top down with Rockfon ceilings

January 30, 2018

Healthcare ceiling design meets acoustics, safety, aesthetics and sustainability

Rockfon Medical Standard ceiling tiles and panels installed in hospital for children.

Rockfon Medical Standard ceiling tiles and panels installed in hospital for children.

Rockfon understands there are many challenges and considerations in designing healthcare spaces. Our new brochure “Healthcare Spaces: Ceiling solutions for a better way to heal” tackles topics from protecting patient privacy and enhancing their comfort, to meeting strict air quality, hygiene, and safety requirements, to creating a healing and welcoming environment.

Whether it’s a hospital, clinic or long-term care facility, Rockfon ceiling systems support cost-effective strategies to improve comfort and safety, while helping maintain caregiver and employee accuracy and productivity.

Acoustic Challenges

Healthcare settings are noisy, and that noise can affect recovery time for patients, the performance of employees and well-being of residents in assisted living facilities. Highly sound absorbent, Rockfon ceilings can optimize acoustics for inpatient care units and help reduce the distracting sounds of voices, equipment, and busy corridors.

Providing a quiet and private environment gives patients the dignity they need to recuperate. When overall noise is reduced, the stress levels of healthcare staff also are reduced, allowing them to tune in to what’s most important.

Safety Challenges

Safety is of paramount importance in healthcare facilities. Key concerns include hygiene, indoor air quality and fire prevention. Rockfon Medical range ceiling panels are easy to clean, offer protection from fire and humidity, and resist MRSA. Furthermore, Rockfon products do not use antimicrobial additives.

All Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels are GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions – a critical consideration for the most vulnerable patients who are often most susceptible to pollutants emitted from materials.

Aesthetic Challenges

Healthcare design professionals are moving away from harsh, institutional atmospheres to create more welcoming, more homelike environments. The extensive range of colors, textures, edges, and dimensions presented by Rockfon’s complete ceiling portfolio inspires both vibrant and calming healing spaces.

Sustainability Challenges

Whether renovating and expanding to meet growing communities or constructing new state-of-the-art buildings, healthcare design teams dedicate thoughtful consideration to ensuring environmentally responsible, healthy facilities. The materials within them also reflect careful choices.

The stone wool material that makes Rockfon ceiling products is naturally resilient and essentially inexhaustible. Our products maintain their shape and appearance, and will not sag even in high humidity and constant cleaning. They install quickly, clean easily, provide access to the plenum, and remain durable and versatile for years to come.

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