From the screening room to the boardroom, MPI Media Group’s offices showcase Rockfon ceilings

November 26, 2018

One of the largest independent entertainment companies, MPI Media Group’s renovated offices add dramatic design details and optimized acoustics with multiple Rockfon ceiling systems

Rockfon Cinema Black 2x2 lay-in panels create theatrical ambiance in this viewing room

Rockfon Cinema Black™ 2x2 lay-in panels create theatrical ambiance in this viewing room

MPI Media Group, LLC is a leading producer, distributor and licensor of films, home entertainment, historical footage and more. Founded in 1976 by two brothers, the Chicago-based company remains one of the largest independent entertainment companies, operating from its recently renovated 42,000-square-foot facility in Orland Park, Illinois. Throughout its updated office, Rockfon ceiling systems add dramatic design details and optimized acoustic performance, while working within the project’s budget.

MPI’s library spans more than 15,000 hours of footage with a collection of more than 2,000 home videos, popular documentaries, movies and television programs. Some of these titles include horror and cult favorites like the 1960’s spooky television soap opera Dark Shadows and the 1974 movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre featuring its main antagonist, Leatherface.

A mannequin of Leatherface greets visitors to MPI’s office boardroom. Reflecting the company’s creative intensity, BOX Studios designed the space with bold geometric lines, blocks of color and easily changeable branding pieces.

The architectural and interior design firm also noted that “a relatively small budget didn’t deplete BOX Studios’ creativity to demand big impact from design details.”


Crafting Defined, Unique Spaces

Supporting this high-value approach to MPI’s office’s aesthetics and acoustics, IDI Distributors provided Rockfon Alaska®, Alaska® dB and Cinema Black™ acoustic stone wool ceiling panels; Chicago Metallic® 200 and 211 Series Snap Grid™ 15/16-inch and Integrity™ 4200 Series 9/16-inch suspension systems; and Rockfon® Infinity™ Z perimeter trim.

In the boardroom, the ceiling above Leatherface features a grid of 2-by-2-foot Rockfon Alaska tiles with concealed edge and a bright white, smooth surface. One wall of the conference room is exterior-facing with windows. The interior wall is floor-to-ceiling glass, offering views into the meeting room and through to outside.

The ceiling panels’ high light reflectance also maximizes the available natural light, reflecting 86 percent of the light and carrying it through the conference area into the hallway. A ceiling of Alaska panels, which falls into the Best Noise Reduction Coefficient performance category of NRC 0.90+, is required for improved creative collaboration due to the sound-reflective, glass walls and other hard surfaces.

Outside of the conference room and through the corridors, BOX Studios described: “The knife-edge trimmed ceiling cuts through the reception area and stretches beyond the conference room through the open office.” Rockfon Infinity Z perimeter trim delivered this crisp, clean edge. Its fluid, flat, 6-inch-wide border gives the appearance of a zero-depth finish, ideal for sharp mitered corners.

Throughout MPI’s open plan offices, Rockfon Alaska dB panels feature a square tegular narrow edge. Used with Chicago Metallic Integrity 9/16-inch suspension systems, the 2-by-2-foot tiles present a clean, streamlined look and an attractive reveal. In addition to their appealing look, the panels provide a Better sound absorption category of NRC 0.80+ to help employees stay focused.

“The most functional space within the office is perhaps also the most exciting,” said BOX Studios. MPI’s screening room showcases a theater complete with stadium seating and Rockfon Cinema Black ceiling panels with suspension systems finished to match in black. Creating the ideal atmosphere, the viewing experience is enhanced by the ceiling’s black, low-reflection surface. The Cinema Black panels prevent reverberation in the screening room, allowing for excellent localization of sound effects and an intimate auditory connection with on-screen actors during speaking parts.

“The front two corners of the room are marked by dramatic glass corner reveals, offering a sneak peek of the show from the reception area and helping to visibly proportion the mass inside the small space.”

Regardless of their square footage, MPI Media Group’s renovated offices leave a big impact and lasting impression.

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