When the University of South Carolina (USC) Gamecocks football team takes the opening kickoff to the roar of a thunderous Williams-Brice Stadium crowd, a win is recorded before a single touchdown is achieved. That win goes to USC’s athletic and facilities management teams and their strategy for attracting talented players and generous alumni.


Williams-Brice Stadium

Location:United States
Architect:Todd Sease, Jumper, Carter Sease Architects; Clint Burdett, JHS Architects
Installer:Morris Nussbaum, Director of Building Services University of South Carolina
Photographer:Dustin Shores Photography
Tiles:Rockfon® Cubegrid® Open Plenum 15/16" Ceiling, Rockfon® Infinity™ Standard Perimeter Trim, Rockfon® Planar® and Planar® Plus Linear Ceilings, Rockfon® Planostile™ Lay-in Metal Panel Ceiling System
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