The newly renovated and expanded San Marcos Public Library offers a welcoming, modernized atmosphere while respecting the original building form. From the library’s main entry through to the enclosed children’s area, PGAL’s design team selected five different Rockfon ceiling products to optimize performance and aesthetics for each area. These include best-level acoustic stone wool ceiling panels and a linear metal ceiling with a wood-look finish, creating a comfortable and healthy interior for patrons of the library.

“Acoustics were a huge concern,” noted Chris King, Rockfon’s district manager. “It’s a library, so it was important to provide quiet spaces where people could read, study and concentrate. It’s also a place with designated areas and programming for children, teens and community meetings. A good acoustic experience needs to be finetuned to the address the activities and expectations of those in the room.”

PGAL selected Rockfon Alaska acoustic stone wool ceiling panels which have a best-level NRC of 0.90. These high sound-absorbing panels were used in the library’s newly constructed reading rooms, children’s library and other areas where quiet was expected.

San Marcos Public Library

San Marcos, TX

The design is meant to inspire pride and identity as a central hearth for the city...The entrance is iconic, inviting and understated, respecting the original building form.


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I’m so proud of the City of San Marcos, in the expansion and remodel and the reimaging of the public library. This facility is innovative and progressive and its design and purpose and will serve this…community for many years to come.

Jane Hughson


For the high ceiling of the library’s lobby, above the information desk and draping down the wall opposite the main entrance, Rockfon Planar Macroplus ceiling systems present a visual continuity that transcends from outside to inside the library. Bringing the outdoor, natural environment to the interior, the linear metal ceiling features a Metalwood® Woodgrain Bamboo finish. This biophilic design element captures the look of wood with the low maintenance and high performance of metal.

Indirect, diffused, natural lighting is incorporated throughout the library’s renovated and newly constructed rooms. Rockfon Cubegrid’s color and rectangular open cell configuration are similar to the dark finish and grid pattern of metal-framed windows, interior glass partitions and door systems.

To meet aesthetic and performance goals, the design utilized Rockfon’s Planar Macroplus linear metal ceiling in Satin Silver and a Metalwood® Woodgrain Bamboo finish at the entrance and 40,000 square feet of Rockfon Alaska 2-by-2 and 2-by-4-foot panels throughout the building. Rockfon’s Planar Macroplus adds a comforting, modern appearance as a first impression for visitors that conceals the light fixtures’ suspension points, the fire suppression systems and other functional services. Rockfon’s Alaska stone wool panels provide optimized acoustics with a best-level Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.90 and are naturally hydrophobic to resist mold, mildew and other microorganism to create a quiet, comfortable and healthy interior.

A new library really affirms our conviction that young people having access to books and reading material at an early age will help them to do better in school and in later life...A new library represents our shared aspiration for the growth of our communities, support for entrepreneurship, economic success, and the potential for personal growth when people have access to information and opportunity.

Mark Smith

Former Director of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

San Marcos Public Library

Location:San Marcos, Texas, United States
Architect:PGAL, Austin, Texas
Contractor:J.E. Dunn Construction Company; Austin, TX
Installer:Performance Contracting Inc. (PCI) Austin Interior
Photographer:© Brian Mihealsick Photography
Tiles:Rockfon Alaska®, Rockfon® Cubegrid® Open Plenum 15/16" Ceiling, Rockfon® Infinity™ CDX/SCD Perimeter Trim, Rockfon® Planar® Macro and Planar® Macroplus® Linear Ceilings
Grids:Chicago Metallic® 4000 Tempra™ 9/16"