Create a good work environment with acoustic ceilings

With the ambition of becoming Norway’s first health-certified building, the Oslo-based office has well-documented solutions and good lightening conditions to offer a new, bright and more comfortable working environment. We are happy to say that Rockfon has provided 15,650 m2 sustainable acoustic ceiling to meet their buildings ambitions.

In the new district Hovinbyen in Løren, Oslo is the Parallel office building located. With 19,500 sqm building, the focus is to create a good working environment where the employees thrive, feel comfortable and happy. Therefore, it’s important for Parallel that the building is certified following the International WELL Building Standard.

The project has the WELL Core Gold Pre-Certification and the aim is to achieve BREEAM NOR Excellent certification as the building has strict environmental requirements throughout its life cycle. It includes limited use of chemicals, great emphasis on recycled materials and energy-efficient solutions.

Rockfon has delivered 15,650 sqm acoustic ceiling for the office. The delivering and installation of the acoustic ceilings were provided by Acusto AS. Skanska is the leading construction group on this building project and will be the first player to receive the WELL Pre-certification in Norway.

When acoustic comfort can bring well-being in focus

In 2014, the WELL Building Standard was launched and have the aim to highlight human health in public spaces like schools and offices. Scientific research in environmental aspect and behaviour and demography are integrated into the leading practices in the building design and management.

The District Manager of Rockfon Norway, Steinar Nygård emphasise on how important the indoor climate is for the well-being:

“We humans spend more than 90 % of our time indoors, and it makes it highly important to consider the design and the materials applied in the buildings that people live in. With the WELL Certification, the goal is to create a workplace where people thrive. It’s great to be a part of this prestigious project. And especially to be a contributor to the first WELL-certified project in Norway.”

Project Manager and Calculator at Acusto AS, Haidar Hassan highlight the good collaboration with Rockfon, and how they knew that Rockfon ceiling will meet their strict requirements:

“Rockfon has been great and contributing help throughout the project. They have helped us and Skanska to find sustainable, economical and efficient solutions. We are very pleased with the result. Rockfon has contributed with acoustic ceilings that can be 100 % reused, which reduces large amounts of waste. The acoustic ceilings from Rockfon meet the building’s strict environmental requirements.”

The future way of thinking is acoustic and environmental

The general manager of Rockfon Norway, Jonny Ass highlights that the WELL Construction Standard is the future way of thinking:

“As a supplier to the construction industry, we want to take responsibility. Sustainability has become crucial and we are constantly working to adapt and adjust to meet the future. For many years, we have to work for green buildings but the sustainable way of thinking also include social sustainability. People have the right to feel good at work, and this includes good acoustics and a good indoor climate.”

He continues to state how well-being and staff performance have a bigger impact when designing and drawing buildings: “In recent years, researchers have documented a clear correlation between well-being at the workplace and an increase in staff productivity and a significant decrease in stress levels and sick leave. There is a factor that is seen directly on the bottom line. And considering that 90 % of the cost in a building is employee-related, we are not talking about a small amount.”

The considerations made during the design of a building have a great impact on the future performance of the employees and maintenance of the building. Parallel will be completed in autumn of 2020, however, relocation will not take place until 2021.

Visit WELL Health-Safety Rating | IWBI to get more information about healthy buildings.

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Parallel Norway

Location:Oslo, Norway
Installer:Acusto AS
Tiles:Rockfon Tropic®, Rockfon® Industrial Black™

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