Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability at a global and local level, Grundfos has achieved LEED Platinum certification for its new Global Water Utility Headquarters, located in Brookshire, Texas. The 45,000-square-foot facility houses more than 100 employees and features Rockfon’s acoustic ceiling systems with a modern Danish aesthetic.

Earning LEED Platinum certification for Grundfos, locally sourced and environmentally responsible building materials were verified for the building’s construction and interior build-out. Helping with the ceiling product selection, Rockfon provided HPDs, EPDs and sound-absorbing stone wool ceiling systems with an NRC of 0.95. Grundfos and Rockfon, as part of the ROCKWOOL Group, share a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Both companies’ global operations are based in Denmark.

Grundfos Global Water Utility Headquarters

Brookshire, TX

We wanted the design to be a culmination of Danish architecture and Texas style. Sleek, modern and simplistic. Acoustics were a key consideration, because of the open concept and design. We ended up with large open areas that don’t feel or sound acoustically empty.

Michael Franzen

Senior regional manager for facilities and machining at Grundfos Global Water Utility Headquarters
NA, Grundfos, PGAL

Grundfos’ own Danish architect and engineers drove the design and aesthetic choices. Platinum certification was Grundfos’ edict and a contract parameter. The acoustical performance was one of those many unnegotiable credits that had to be met. The lighting and reflectance values of all finish surfaces was another critical aspect of design with LEED lighting quality and daylight credits. These were also non-negotiable credits to achieve and the reflective quality of the smooth white panels was a critical component, especially to offset the darker non-reflective floor finishes.

Ryan Bass

AIA, associate at PGAL

To produce an optimal acoustic experience that complied with LEED acoustic requirements, the final design combined Rockfon's sound-absorbing stone wool ceiling systems with an NRC of 0.95, sound-insulating full-height walls with the correct sound transmission class (STC) rating and appropriate background noise levels. The bright white Rockfon Sonar ceiling panels in Grundfos Global Water Utility Headquarters reflect 85 percent of light from their surface. Along with supporting energy-efficient lighting, the white ceilings’ neat, clean appearance also highlights the desired, contemporary architectural style.

Our involvement was to work with the project team to help secure the EQc9 Acoustic Performance credit under the LEED rating system...Grundfos was very particular about their acoustic goals, and have their own acoustic guidelines. Our scope pertained to meeting LEED acoustic guidelines, namely reverberation time and mechanical noise.

Nick Block

P.E., LEED AP BD+C; senior engineer at SLR Consulting

Grundfos Global Water Utility Headquarters

Location:Brookshire, Texas, United States
Architect:PGAL, Houston
Contractor:Design-build contractor: Harvey Builders; Houston
Installer:AECO Interior Contractors
Photographer:© G. Lyon Photography, Inc.
Tiles:Rockfon Sonar®, Rockfon® Module System
Grids:Chicago Metallic® 1200 15/16"