Rockfon® 490.00 Hold-Down Clip for 0" to 3/4" Panels


Rockfon® 490.00 Hold-Down Clip for 0" to 3/4" Panels is an acoustical tile and suspension system accessory that installs over the cross tees to hold down acoustical panels. The clip is compatible with all Chicago Metallic™ acoustical grid systems and is used where positive retention on acoustical panels is needed.

Performance Properties:
-Compliant with all Chicago Metallic™ grid suspension systems
-Securely anchors the acoustical panel for positive retention applications
-Installed by pushing over the bulb of the grid, clip will then self-adjust to the panel thickness
-Clip is designed to be installed on the cross tees of the suspension system
-For fully concealed (CDX) and semi-concealed (SCD) edge types, these clips must be installed on the supporting edge
-When installed with CDX & SCD edge types, the 490.00 will not limit accessibility of the system
-Required for installing CDX tiles in seismic D, E, and F zones. For more details about seismic CDX installations, reference the CDX Seismic Installation Guide.
-Compatible with:
-SQ: Pacific™, Artic®, Tropic®, Koral™, Medical™ Standard
-SL: Pacific™, Artic®, Tropic®, Koral™, Medical™ Standard, Medical™ Plus
-SLN: Pacific™, Artic®, Tropic®, Koral™, Alaska®, Medical™ Standard, Medical™ Plus
-SLT: Alaska®
-SCD: Alaska®, Sonar®
-CDX: Alaska®, Sonar®, Medical™ Plus
-Metal Ceilings: Traditions™, Graphgrid®





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