IMG_Rockfon_Chicago Metallic GRG Access Doors

Chicago Metallic® GRG Access Doors


Chicago Metallic® GRG Access Doors are an alternative to bulky metal doors and are made from glass reinforced gypsum, simply attach to framing and tape and finish the same as conventional drywall. Access doors allow for planed plenum access through a finished drywall ceiling to easily inspect and maintain mechanical systems. These access doors are available in 9”, 12”, 18”, 24” and 30" squares to accommodate small to large openings. These access doors meet Class A for flame spread, per ASTM standard E1264.

Performance Properties:
-GRG access ceiling door are easy to installation
-Ceiling access panel allows for planned plenum access
-Enables easy ceiling finish with conventional drywall techniques
-Gypsum access door reduces onsite labor
-Reliable appearance and cost control
-Chicago MetallicTM GRG Access doors meet Class-A flame spread rating in accordance with ASTM standard E1264




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