Building education facilities for the future

January 1, 1

Optimal acoustics, air quality, natural lighting and aesthetics work together to impact how students understand teachers, stay focused and even perform on tests.

Every day, millions of students go to school to learn, but unfortunately many children are affected by poor indoor air quality and high noise levels. According to the Acoustical Society of America, U.S. classrooms typically have a speech intelligibility rating of about 75%. That means every fourth word is missed. This does not only affect the student’s possibility to learn, but also for the teachers as they must speak louder. It is also found that 50% of teachers suffer from irreparable damage to their voices, which is due to them speaking too loudly to be heard. Research shows that investments in good acoustics and indoor air quality throughout schools can have a life-changing impact.

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Co-creating the solutions

We already know that optimal acoustics, air quality, natural lighting and aesthetics work together to impact how students understand teachers, stay focused and perform. To create these optimal conditions for learning requires product solutions that address all the unique needs of education spaces – from modest yet effective renovations to new builds. We must lead the discussion to help provide both students and educators with healthy, resilient places to grow and work. On September 30, during BuildingEnergy NYC, leading experts will discuss how New York’s schools can be built back better. Join us for an inspirational discussion and meet leading pioneers in the field:

About the Event: Rebuilding New York’s Schools through Partnerships

To rebuild New York’s schools for the future, we must help provide both students and educators with safe place to grow and work.

The Reopen and Rebuild America’s Schools Act of 2021 is expected to invest $130 billion to help reopen public schools and provide students and educators improved educational environments that support learning now and into the future. This investment provides a unique opportunity to build back better, strengthen health and well-being, and reinforce our commitment to learning for both students and teachers.


About the Conference

The session takes place during BuildingEnergy NYC on September 30th, 2021 from 3:45-4:45pm (EST) and is organized by the Danish Cleantech Hub. Read more about the session HERE and about the conference HERE.

Inclusive learning has many facets, and manufacturers like Rockfon support a better acoustic environment, indoor air quality, natural light and mold resistance with healthy, sustainable building products. We can improve learning environments for our kids through modest yet effective renovations and thoughtful product choices. We’re proud to partner with like-minded designers, educators and school officials to help achieve a future for schools that is inclusive, resilient and focused on health and well-being.

John Medio

President - Americas, Rockfon