Rockfon Cinema Black Adds Drama to Designs

August 28, 2018

Enhance performance spaces and more with acoustic ceiling tiles in black

Rockfon Cinema Black ceiling tiles installed in Aercoustics open office meeting room

Rockfon® Cinema Black™ ceiling tiles installed in Aercoustics open office meeting room.

Rockfon® Cinema Black™ acoustic stone wool ceiling panels provide the traditional appearance and optimized acoustics sought for all types of performance spaces - movie theaters, concert halls, performing arts stages, dance studios and recording suites. They also work well in multi-purpose auditoriums and banquet halls, upscale restaurants and other venues seeking to add a touch of classic elegance.

Light-absorbing, sound-absorbing

Setting the right ambiance, black ceiling designs are intended to absorb light rather than white surfaces that reflect and disperse it. The dark ceilings add vibrancy and focus to the screen, stage or speaker in the spotlight. Our Cinema Black panels reduce glare to reflect only 4 percent of light, that’s a light reflectance score of 0.04 LR.

Enhancing the audiences’ auditory experience, these panels deliver good sound absorption, achieving a Noise Reduction Coefficient as high as 0.95.

Like all of our stone wool ceiling products, Cinema Black tiles also resist fire, water, moisture, humidity and mold. In addition. these and our other stone wool ceiling panels are GREENGUARD Gold certified as low-emitting products that contribute to indoor air quality.

Air quality, visual comfort, and optimized acoustics also support a more positive, healthy experience and indoor environmental quality.

Cinemes Centre Splau, Coloral Th 40 Black A-edge, Baffles Deco 40, leisure movie theatre

Rockfon® Cinema Black™ ceiling tiles installed in movie theater.

Budget-friendly, installation-friendly

Cinema Black ceiling tiles are a cost-effective way to improve acoustics and aesthetics. The smooth, black texture is complemented with a square edge. Available in 2x2 foot or 2x4 foot modular sizes, these ceiling tiles lay into standard 15/16-inch ceiling suspension grid systems.

Stone wool is up to 75 percent lighter weight than other acoustic ceiling tile materials. This makes our products easy to carry and install in newly constructed spaces or renovation projects.

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