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September 10, 2018

Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board works above ceilings to Optimize Acoustics

Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board installed between open office and meeting room.

Rockfon® Plenum Barrier Board installed between open office and meeting room.

Sound acoustic solutions can lead to improvements in student learning, patient healing, worker comfort and our overall wellbeing. Within a space, sound insulation between adjacent rooms also can affect concentration, recovery and confidentiality.

The most common way to optimize sound insulation between enclosed rooms is to use acoustically-rated walls that extend the full height - from floor slab to floor slab, or to the roof.

When full-height walls are not available, Rockfon helps overcome this challenge with an effective alternative: Our lightweight Rockfon® Plenum Barrier Board works above our suspended acoustic ceilings to create a high-performing, sound insulation system. This approach provides Optimized Acoustics™ that meet or exceed industry requirements, and achieve the best sound experience at the best price.

The best sound experience…

Most acoustics standards and guidelines require a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 45 or 50 between rooms. Examples include classrooms, medical examination and treatment rooms, and executive offices and conference rooms.

On their own, acoustic ceiling tiles and an open plenum provide sound insulation levels equivalent to STC 20-35, which does not comply with most standards.

As noted, an STC 45 to 50 level can be achieved by extending the walls to full height.

Alternatively, positioning our Plenum Barrier Board vertically above the partial-height wall to block the plenum also can yield insulation levels equivalent to STC 45-50 when combined with our stone wool ceiling systems.

…at the best price

Some building owners choose partial-height walls to save costs during construction or remodeling. For further savings, plenum barrier boards also can decrease the cost of the ceiling. They allow for greater aesthetic flexibility with interior finishes and floor plans while preventing the need to control noise leaks through the ceiling system.

Helping minimize installation time and associated costs, Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board’s foil-faced, stone wool barrier installs quickly above interior partitions. It is placed vertically in the plenum above the ceiling along interior walls that stop at ceiling height. It also can be used under partitions in raised-floor plenums. The lightweight material is easy to cut and lift into position. It conforms around pipes and ducts, and expands and contracts with deflection.

In addition to its acoustic qualities, our products support long-term savings as stone wool resists fire, water, moisture, humidity, microorganisms and mold. Rockfon complete ceiling systems contribute to safe, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and beautiful buildings.

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