Customers begin installing U.S.-made Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels

November 27, 2017

Rockfon’s new North American facility reduces lead times, while upholding high-quality products and commitment to sustainability

Packaging and shipping of Rockfon Artic acoustic ceiling tiles and panels.

Packaging of Rockfon Artic acoustic ceiling tiles and panels for shipment.

North American customers are starting to receive the first American-made Rockfon® acoustic stone wool ceiling panels manufactured at its recently opened facility in Marshall County, Mississippi. The new factory supports Rockfon’s customers and distributors with faster, easier access to high-quality ceiling products at reduced lead times through an expanded, comprehensive inventory program maintained in strategically located U.S. warehouses.

With the new factory in Mississippi, we now have even faster, easier access to Rockfon’s high-quality ceiling products. This clearly shows Rockfon’s support of us and our customers and is key to our future success.

Matt Rosa

Transformational Tenant Improvement

Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, Inc. was one of the first customers to receive a shipment from Rockfon’s North American factory as supplied through distributor Westside Building Material. Heartland’s team installed Rockfon Tropic® 2-by-2 square edge stone wool ceiling panels for the renovation of a medical office in southern California.

Westside’s Matt Rosa says, ''With the new factory in Mississippi, we now have even faster, easier access to Rockfon’s high-quality ceiling products. This clearly shows Rockfon’s support of us and our customers and is key to our future success.''

Rosa continues, ''Reduced lead times with Rockfon’s American-made stone wool products mean we can plan for just-in-time delivery to the jobsite, which helps control costs and stay on schedule. This is especially important for long-time customers like Heartland who are involved with tenant improvement projects that have limited on-site storage.''

As part of the medical office’s overall tenant improvement project, general contractor White Construction Inc. updated the floors, painted the walls and upgraded the lighting. White and Heartland have worked together on hundreds of interior construction and renovation projects throughout the years.

''The tenant wanted to do the ceiling, too. It was very dated looking, flat, lay-in tiles across the whole space. But they didn’t think there was enough in their budget,'' explains Heartland’s project manager, Rick Gordon. ''Thanks to Rockfon, we were able to replace everything they wanted – exam rooms, showroom, hallways, waiting room, labs, three offices and the reception area. It made it look much more modern.''

RW-Doense Production facility, Factory
The new Rockfon ceiling looks beautiful. American-made products are a huge selling point for us, too.

Angela Slevinsky

Project Manager, White Construction

Brighter and Lighter

Part of a complete ceiling offering that is Made in the U.S.A., Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels’ smooth, white surface not only presented the medical office with a fresh, clean appearance at a cost-competitive value; it also met the project’s performance requirement. Rockfon Tropic delivers better sound absorption (NRC 0.85), high fire performance and high light reflectance (LR 0.86).

''The ceiling’s high light reflectance brightened up the whole place. Everyone seems very pleased with the results,'' says Heartland’s Ryan Drawe.

Drawe mentions he is pleased with other attributes of Rockfon’s ceiling panels. Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels are backed with a 30-year warranty and supported by an experienced team of technical and customer service professionals. ''It’s also lighter weight than other products, yet it’s very durable.''

Sustainable and Healthy

He continues, ''I like how it’s packaged, too. With 128 feet per box, you can put a box in each room and usually have enough to fit out the space. Rockfon’s packaging also generates about half as much trash as other systems. In California, this is really important because we have to haul out and properly dispose of all our own construction waste.''

Supporting waste reduction, Rockfon’s stone wool products manufactured at its U.S. facility, reduce overall transportation greenhouse gas emissions to North American customers by 74 percent and fuel associated with their delivery by three-quarters.

Rockfon also is committed to responsible sourcing of raw material. Stone wool ceiling panels, such as Rockfon Tropic, contain up to 42 percent recycled content. Stone wool also resists water and has no nutritional value, which means the products provide no sustenance to harmful microorganisms or mold, which can be critical in medical and laboratory environments. Also supporting patient wellness and indoor air quality, Rockfon stone wool acoustic ceiling panels have earned UL® Environment’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low-emitting products.

RW-Doense Production facility, Factory

Rockfon complete ceiling systems provide high-quality solutions with excellent longevity and lifecycle value that contribute to efficient, sustainable and beautiful buildings where people can be productive, safe, healthy and comfortable.

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