Ceiling tiles for high-performance hygiene and cleanability now available in North America

January 8, 2014

Featuring a number of hygienic properties in combination with characteristics such as high sound absorption, fire protection and light reflectance, Rockfon Hygienic Plus tiles serve as an ideal ceiling solution for controlled environments. Applications include laboratories and clean rooms, sanitary areas, kitchen and food preparation spaces, and locker rooms.

Rockfon Hygienic Plus acoustic stone wool ceiling tiles and panels installed in restaurant kitchen.

Rockfon Hygienic Plus installed in restaurant kitchen at Best Western Hotel.

With a low particle emission, Rockfon® Hygienic Plus™ tiles contribute positively to high levels of air cleanliness and fulfill the strict requirements of cleanroom classification ISO Class 5. Hygienic Plus is comprised of water-repellant stone wool which, because it has no nutritional value to micro-organisms, prevents the growth of MRSA and other bacteria that often lead to the spread of infection.

Safeguarding occupants and preventing product contamination are the most important concerns for companies and organizations in the health, electronics and food sectors. Hygienic Plus is an established, leading solution in the European market for achieving superior hygienic and cleanability performance and we are pleased to bring this innovative ceiling tile to North America.

Chris Marshall

Vice president of marketing and business development

Hygienic Plus achieves an effective cleanability through a number of characteristics. The tiles come pre-treated with a special surface coating, providing high water repellence and low dirt pick-up over time. It also reduces the risk of fingerprint marking during installation. Its durable surface can be easily disnfected by steam cleaning, and can be vacuum-cleaned with a soft brush attachment. 

The stone wool composition of all Rockfon ceiling tiles inherently offers a number of superior performance attributes, including high fire performance, high sound absorption, sustainability, and dimensional stability. Hygienic Plus tiles feature an NRC=0.90 for excellent sound absorption and the surface provides high light reflectance(LR) with an LR of 0.83. 

All Rockfon ceiling tiles are designed for ease-of-installation. Hygienic Plus tiles are available in square lay-in and feature sealed edges and a back fleece on the rear side of the panel. 

Rockfon’s product portfolio in North America now includes an extensive range of solutions from suspended and concealed ceilings to islands and baffles.

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