Designing with Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are becoming increasingly common as a way to add interest to spaces such as lobbies, libraries, and retail environments.

This presentation will introduce participants to metal ceiling systems while covering design and specification considerations including panel type, size, and finish.

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Seismic Requirements for Suspended Ceiling Systems

How do you design a ceiling system to withstand the forces of an earthquake? Find out in this Continuing Education Unit course.

This course will introduce you to designing buildings to the most current seismic codes, standards, and building requirements will confirm that all ceiling installations are taking into account and designing for seismic forces.

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Acoustical Solutions Using Stone Wool

Architects, Specifiers, Interior Designers, and Building Science Professionals have a history of specifying Stone Wool for their insulation and sound absorption needs.

This presentation will explain the features and benefits of using Stone Wool acoustical ceiling tiles. There will be an introduction to acoustics along with acoustical challenges and resolutions in commercial buildings.

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Optimized Acoustics™: The True Sound Experience

Complying with stringent acoustic performance criteria in the standards, guidelines and building rating systems has become increasingly challenging.

Take this course to get access to actionable insight and advice toward achieving the required amount of noise control using high-performance, modular, acoustic ceilings.

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Designing Acoustic Ceilings for Healthcare Buildings

Acoustical ceilings for Healthcare buildings can function both as a design focal point and serve a practical purpose.

This presentation will provide you with tailored solutions that address the concerns many caregivers and patients experience today.

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