Designing with Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are becoming increasingly common as a way to add interest to spaces such as lobbies, libraries, and retail environments.

Rockfon® specialty metal ceilings used in office building project.

90 Elgin Street office building installed with Rockfon® specialty metal ceilings.

Program Overview:

The most common suspended ceiling in use today is the white acoustical ceiling found in most commercial spaces. As Architects and Designers seek ways to add interest to spaces such as lobbies, libraries and retail spaces, metal ceilings are becoming more common in construction projects on their own,or in conjunction with other ceiling materials. Metal ceilings offer a wide range of colors and finishes;they aid in acoustics,and they are available in many sizes and styles. This presentation will introduce the participant to common metal ceiling systems, while covering design considerations such as panel type, size and finish among other things. The presentation will end with common considerations for specifying a metal ceiling.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common metal ceiling systems
  • Recall the elements of a metal ceiling
  • Understand the benefits of suspended ceilings.  Recognize the elements of a metal ceiling.
  • Develop the design of a metal ceiling.

Length: 1 hour

Credits: 1 LU 1 GCBI CE (Health, Safety, and Welfare certified)

There is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.

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