The Red Bluff Elementary School and Mae Smythe Elementary School buildings originally opened in the 1950s and after 60 years of use the cost of repairing and renovating these campuses exceeded the cost of building new ones. The district received funding to embark on a multi-phase, comprehensive update to replace the aging structures with larger, newly constructed, contemporary buildings.To ensure an ideal learning environment, the PISD’s goals for the new schools included healthy indoor air quality, energy-efficient operations, optimized acoustics, moisture and mold resistance, low-maintenance materials and a modern, welcoming appearance. Meeting all of the facilities team’s criteria, the school district selected Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling systems as the basis of design for both schools, and for future PISD projects.

NA, PISD, Mae Smythe Elementary School, GPD Group, Tropic, Chicago Metallic 1200

Mae Smythe and Red Bluff Elementary Schools (PISD)

Location:Pasadena, Texas, United States
Architect:Mae Smythe Elementary School: GPD Group; Red Bluff Elementary School: cre8 Architects
Contractor:BCI Drywall and Finishes, LLC
Installer:BCI Drywall and Finishes, LLC
Photographer:Dee Zunker
Tiles:Rockfon Tropic®, Rockfon® Pacific™
Grids:Chicago Metallic® 1200 15/16"

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