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Rockfon careers go beyond other ceiling industry jobs, ceiling tile jobs or even other manufacturing jobs. We are a part of a global network of professionals who work together as part of the largest producer of stone wool products in the world.

Rockfon is a subsidiary of the Denmark-based company, ROCKWOOL® Group. With an 80-year history of innovation and over 11,000 passionate colleagues in 39 countries, we are the world leader in stone wool solutions. These range from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, external cladding systems to horticultural solutions, and engineered fibers for industrial use to insulation for the process industry, and marine and offshore.

Stone wool is a versatile material and forms the basis of all our businesses. It is inherently fire resilient, water and mold resistant, sound absorbing, lightweight and renewable. From this naturally occurring, nearly limitless resource, Rockfon North America produces advanced, acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.

Drawing from more than 50 years of success in Europe, we have operated in North America since January of 2013. Chicago Metallic® suspension systems sometimes referred to as CMC, have been produced in the U.S. for decades. Today, Chicago Metallic careers and products are part of Rockfon.

Our complete ceiling solution now includes Rockfon stone wool products, Chicago Metallic suspended ceiling grid and our specialty metal ceiling systems – working together to create beautiful, comfortable spaces.

Rockfon is a great company, with great benefits and great people, and we make a great product. I love working with people who are passionate about their work – wanting to succeed, wanting the products we make succeed and being competitive so that Rockfon succeeds.

Christine Uhlir

Customer Service Manager


While the stone we use may be millions of years old, what we create with it is cutting-edge. Every day, we are developing and applying new technologies to harness the power of stone wool and to enrich modern life.

Our products help save energy, reduce emissions and waste, protect buildings and people, and improve acoustic comfort, building performance and aesthetics. Our range of products reflects the diversity of the world’s needs while supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own carbon footprint.

To support our customers, our colleagues and our communities, we continually invest in industry-leading practices and processes:

  • Our investments include new product developments and state-of-the-art U.S.-based manufacturing facilities extending our global capacity to meet growing demand for our ceiling products in North America.
  • Our continual improvements ensure a well-trained workforce to support our high-quality standards in positions ranging from management to skilled production staff.
  • Our concentrated focus on strengthening our customer relationships and distributor partnerships enhance our technical and customer service levels.
  • Our ongoing efforts to reduce lead times involves constant updates to our inventory management maintained in strategically located U.S. warehouses.
Working at Rockfon has been a great experience. There is a lot to do and many opportunities for individual growth. The management fosters the growth of individuals and provides the tools necessary to succeed. They are open to feedback and willing to make changes to better the company.

Amish Shah

Development Engineer


Join us in making the world a better place to live. Our products and services give millions of people greater comfort, safety and a more sustainable, healthier future.

“The company culture is forward thinking, ethically and environmentally conscious, and quite frankly, a lot of fun,” says Amish Shah, Development Engineer at Rockfon. “The people working here are always willing to help out with problems or questions that might arise. They are serious about their work, but know how to have a good time while doing it.”

“Passionate, friendly and supportive,” are the words Christine Uhlir, Rockfon Customer Service Manager, uses to describe our culture. “Rockfon provides the benefits of working for a large corporation in a close-knit environment.”

“We have a fantastic place to work,” agrees Dan Aiken, Rockfon Regional Sales Manager - Northeast. He feels Rockfon is an “empowering, challenging, exciting and a forward-thinking company with a ton of opportunity. It is an exciting time to be part of a company, which is on a major growth projection.”

Departments at Rockfon include:

  • Finance & Control Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Product Management
  • Sales

“Across all departments, our meetings present an open forum for discussion,” explains Aiken. “This truly makes me feel like my opinion matters in terms of the direction of the company.”

He continues, “One word that comes to mind that best represents Rockfon is TEAM. We are a very collaborative group. I speak often with other regional sales managers from across the company sharing successes, struggles, and best practices, as well as relying on each other as a sounding board.

Collaboration seems ever-present in the minds of all of our associates. Uhlir adds, “I feel we are a collaborative group taking advantage of our experience and expertise in different departments to achieve a common goal. I work with a great diverse group in my own department, who work together as a team every day, talking to customers with great pride in their voice. My counterparts in other departments are very supportive of me and are great resources for advice.”

Along with the support of a collaborative team, Aiken notes, “There’s also an entrepreneurial spirit behind our company. To a large extent, it’s clear that – here’s the expectation, here are the tools and support to get it done, and here, you can determine your own success.”

The people and work present exciting challenges, and the company empower you to be successful. There is a high level of energy and passion for our business shared across all departments.

Dan Aiken

Regional Sales Manager - Northeast
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Working at Rockfon in any of our promising departments and careers is all about teamwork.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Rockfon corporate social responsibility begins at the top and involves everyone. Our Rockfon CSR follows the example, encouragement, and expectations of a globally recognized leader.

As part of the ROCKWOOL Group, we aim to be a good neighbor to our local communities, wider society, and the global environment. It is a commitment that began in the 1950s, long before CSR became fashionable. Today, it lies at the heart of our values.

We continuously improve our social performance by setting ambitious targets and integrating social and human rights, and health and safety considerations into our daily business. Most of our products have a positive impact on global challenges like climate change and diminishing reserves of fossil fuels. These positive contributions to the world are important to our employees, management, the Board of Directors and inspire us in our daily work.

We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and report annually on our social performance in our Sustainability Report and as part of our corporate Annual Report. We invite you to review these and learn more about our CSR.

Rockfon and the ROCKWOOL Group have a great sustainability story and are very charitable. The company’s values are very clear and known to all employees. We are always encouraged to follow these values throughout our careers within an organization that offers many opportunities for advancement.

Christine Uhlir

Customer Service Manager

Work at Rockfon

“Rockfon is a growing company in a growing industry that offers an empowering company culture, industry-leading products and systems, and outstanding career growth. It’s a great time to jump on board!” encourages Dan Aiken, Rockfon Regional Sales Manager - Northeast.

Amish Shah, Development Engineer at Rockfon, agrees and adds, “Through this growing process, there will be a lot of change. One has to be flexible and willing to adapt to that change. The rapid growth also provides a lot of opportunities for an individual to shine. An individual might find themselves somewhere totally different than where they started because of the opportunities that presented themselves.”

Because we’re growing, Rockfon vacancies usually mean that we’ve added a new full-time position.

Aiken advises, “When I’m looking for potential team members, I’m not necessarily looking for their previous work in the ceiling industry or even direct experience in the building industry – these things are wonderful, but they also can be taught and learned. What I am looking for is someone who is goal-oriented and wants to bring a great product to a growing market; someone who cares about their customers and is passionate about getting results.”

Rockfon job listings provide detailed descriptions of Rockfon available jobs. All of the Rockfon job postings will direct you to our HR team who will be happy to answer questions about our work, benefits, interviews and hiring process.

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