Optimized Acoustics™: The True Sound Experience CES

Complying with the more stringent acoustic performance criteria in the standards, guidelines and building rating systems has become increasingly challenging. Take this course to get access to actionable insight and advice.

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Open offices and meeting rooms demonstrate the importance of acoustic absorption and insulation

Program Overview:

Trends toward more reflective floor materials, fewer walls and an abundance of glass have made achieving acoustic requirements more challenging in today's predominantly larger and more open commercial interiors. Higher amounts of sound absorption are required to limit reverberation, increase speech intelligibility and prevent widespread noise disturbances.

This presentation will educate designers on achieving the required amount of noise control using high-performance, modular, acoustic ceilings. In locations where transmission of noise from one room into another needs to be prevented, the use of ceilings alone as sound blockers, for example when the demising wall stops at the ceiling level, no longer complies with the standards, guidelines and rating systems.

Gain an understanding of blocking sound using walls and lightweight plenum barriers so that your designs comply both with user expectations and higher sound isolation criteria in the acoustics standards and guidelines.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact that noise in buildings has on our bodies, minds, behavior, and performance
  • Review the overarching trends in acoustic standards, guidelines and rating systems
  • Dispel the myths that have made acoustics the lowest scoring metric on building occupant surveys
  • Discover the true strengths and weaknesses of ceilings and walls
  • Develop a simple design approach to optimize acoustics

Credits: 1 LU 1 GCBI CE (Health, Safety, and Welfare certified)

Length: 1 Hour

There is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.

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