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Designing Acoustic Ceilings for Healthcare Buildings CES

Acoustical ceilings for healthcare buildings can function both as a design focal point and serve a practical purpose.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Planar Marcoplus, Metal, healthcare,

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Front Entrance

Program Overview:

Acoustical ceilings are an essential component of any Healthcare building space and can provide dramatic interest to a space, while also being functional and sustainable. This presentation will introduce participants to common issues healthcare buildings and facilities face today.

The presentation will conclude with tailored solutions for spaces such as medical offices, emergency rooms, and elderly care facilities, among others that address the challenges and concerns many caregivers and patients experience today such as infection prevention and control as well as room acoustics. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the challenges regarding effective acoustical and sustainable design that healthcare buildings face today, including acoustic comfort, room atmosphere, indoor air quality, avoiding potentially harmful chemicals and excessive moisture
  • Understand how designing healthcare spaces with people who occupy and work in them in mind leads to a more healing environment for the patients, a more productive one for the hospital staff and a more efficient one for caregivers
  • Recognize the negative effects of unwanted noise, poor indoor air quality, anti-microbial chemicals and mold can have on the well-being of occupants
  • Be prepared to apply what is learned about acoustical ceilings holistically to specific project designs

Credits: 1 LU 1 GCBI CE (Health, Safety, and Welfare Certified)

Length: 1 hour

There is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.

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