Optimized Acoustics in Buildings

Complying with the more stringent acoustic performance criteria in the standards, guidelines and building rating systems has become increasingly challenging. Take this course to get access to actionable insight and advice.

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Open offices and meeting rooms demonstrate the importance of acoustic absorption and insulation

Program Overview:

The Optimized Acoustics in Buildings course explains how to achieve optimal acoustics in your building projects. This course will explain the benefits of good acoustics. The course will review the trends in acoustics standards and guidelines. It will explain the myth and truths with acoustics. The course will explain how to absorb sound and to block sound in rooms of varying sizes and open office spaces. In the end, it will explain how to develop a simple design to optimize acoustics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the overarching trends in acoustic standards, guidelines and rating systems. Dispel the myths that have made acoustics the lowest scoring metric on building occupant surveys.
  • Develop a simple design approach to optimize acoustics.
  • Understand the impact that noise in buildings has on our bodies, minds, behavior, and performance. 
  • Discover the true strengths and weaknesses of ceilings and walls

Credits: 1 LU 1 GCBI CE (Health, Safety, and Welfare certified)

Length: 1 Hour

There is no cost to bring this program into your firm or chapter meeting.

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