Reducing our impact on the planet

Building a sustainable future requires a balanced approach to the environment, the wellbeing of people and economic prosperity. Without all three, sustainability will remain an illusion rather than a rock-solid reality.

Raw material in abundance

ROCKFON is the leading supplier of stone wool acoustic solutions and is a subsidiary of ROCKWOOL International – the world’s largest producer of stone wool – with over 70 years of experience. For many years, ROCKFON, ROXUL® and the ROCKWOOL Group have been working to reduce their impact on the environment.

Basalt rock is the primary raw material used to make ROCKFON and ROXUL stone wool products. It is a natural resource found in abundance around the world. Every year, volcanic activity and plate tectonics create new reserves of basalt rock – around 38,000 times more than the entire ROCKWOOL Group (with their North American divisions ROXUL and ROCKFON) extracts yearly. In order to reduce our environmental impact from transportation of the basalt rock, most of the 26 ROCKWOOL factories are located very close to extraction sites.

Portion of production waste is recycled

We fight waste wherever we can. ROCKFON ceiling tiles consist of up to 42% recycled content. The rest is made primarily of basalt rock – a material in essentially limitless supply. Ninety-five percent of ROCKWOOL and ROCKFON production waste is either recycled internally or sold to other industries as a raw material for use in their manufacturing processes. In addition, the ROCKWOOL Group collects over 500,000 tonnes of waste from other industries and puts it to good use in stone wool products.

Stringent environmental management

All ROCKFON products sold in North America are manufactured under stringent environmental management and quality control systems (ISO 14001/ISO 9001).


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